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HeatShield® Cerfractory® Technology

HeatShield® is a system designed to repair clay flue liners with a resurfacing method that, once completed, restores the integrity of the chimney liner. It was designed because the chimney flue liner is one of the most important parts of the chimney system. When there are tears or gaps in the liner, CO2 and other dangerous gasses are allowed to escape and can potentially leach into the home. These gaps can appear because of deteriorated mortar between the flue tiles, stress cracks in the tile itself or spalled clay liners from moisture that has entered the chimney system.

Do You Need HeatShield®

Whether you need HeatShield® or not is something we cannot know until a full video scan is done of the interior walls of the flue. This should be done during the annual chimney inspection because you never know what type of damage your chimney appliance can have from one year to the next.

If the flue liner is damaged beyond repair, we would recommend a stainless steel chimney liner to replace the damaged one. However, if the damage does not require a total replacement, HeatShield® is one of the best restoration methods to come along in our industry in a while.

How HeatShield® Works

HeatShield® Cerfractory® technology means it has been tested to withstand moisture, temperatures over 2900 degrees and corrosive off-gasses from fire. A foam applicator that has been cut to the size of your chimney flue will be lowered into the chimney from the top. The applicator has a camera mounted on the bottom that can rotate 360 degrees to inspect and check the process as it happens. This way your chimney specialist knows nothing gets missed.

The material is poured into the flue on top of the applicator and, as it is slowly winched up to the top, it pushes the material into the gaps and cracks filling them along the way. As the lower blade of the applicator moves over the surface, the material is smoothed restoring the liner’s integrity. The camera at the bottom scans the entire surface of the restored liner making sure nothing is missed.

There are two methods used: one for defective mortar joints and the other for mortar joints along with defects in the tiles themselves. A trained chimney specialist will be able to go over the best choice for your liner once the inspection has been completed.

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There are several other ways to repair a chimney that needs relining, so let the trained staff at Magic Sweep help with this important chimney service.



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