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Chimney Repairs and What You Can Do About Them

No one likes chimney, furnace or fireplace repairs, but your life and the lives of those you love could depend on them. We’ve learned that the sooner you find a problem the better in both the cost and the time it takes to correct it. This is one reason we recommend a Level 1 inspection and video scan annually.

We use a camera to scope the entire fireplace and chimney unit. This allows our chimney sweep technicians to see a 360° view of the inner working of the system from firebox to chimney cap. We look for any abnormalities that might cause a current or future problem and alert you to those. We also show you the pictures so you can see it for yourself.

Repairs Left Undone

While not all repairs that need to be done are life-threatening, left undone for long enough, there can be significant enough damage that it becomes a life-threatening situation. This is why, if at all possible, we believe problems should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Many people assume that repairing a chimney is expensive. However, it depends on the repair and what you have done to prevent damage and erosion to the appliance. Those who use the latest in technologies to waterproof the chimney’s brick, stone or mortar as well as make sure water is not able to enter through the top of the flue by utilizing a cap, topper or surround, will have a system that lasts longer than those who just “get by” with what they have.

The Enemy – Water and Wind

Fortifying the entire fireplace and chimney system is the best way to fight against the major enemy lurking in the elements: water and wind. While the wind from a tornado or hurricane might be too much for a well-structured chimney, normal winds should not.  Wind tends to come in all at once, whereas water is at war with the system over time. The constant rains in the seasons erode the mortar between the brick or stone as well as its surface. Making sure there is a breathable barrier between them and the water makes good sense.

We have the tools, the products and the trained and certified technicians to do chimney repairs of all kinds as well as preventative chimney services to keep the enemy at bay and extend the life of the entire system, inside and out. We would like to visit with you about your options and show you why we are considered the #1 choice in Hampton Roads! Call us or fill out our contact form and we will talk soon.


Sometimes a chimney liner problem can be fixed with HeatShield® and, at Magic Sweep, we are trained to successfully use this technology as part of our comprehensive chimney services.

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