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Keep Animals and Birds Outside Your Home

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Protecting Your Home from Animals and Birds

It is important to protect your home from animals and birds in every season. Homeowners often think to protect their spring gardens from vermin and their basements from mold. Less often, they also remember their chimneys and vents, which are equally vulnerable. Animals and birds are very creative about finding ways into your home. You have to be vigilant in finding ways to block and divert critters, creepy-crawlers and our feathered friends.

Chimney with Functional Cap - Hampton Roads/Tidewater - Magic Sweep

Chimney with Functional Cap – Hampton Roads/Tidewater – Magic Sweep

Although not entirely animal-proof, capped vents and covered flues add a great deal of protection. You are more likely to see an uncapped vent, as opposed to an uncapped chimney, but no matter the where the opening is, living things will find a way in. Both birds and animals are capable of lifting and even removing caps – which means you need to check the equipment you have in place.

If you kept a wood pile close to the house for convenience during the heating season, do not forget to move it. It attracts rodents, snakes, and all kinds of insects, including termites, roaches, and ants. Keep your gutters in good condition and draining properly. Your property should be free of standing water. That does not mean you have to throw out the birdbath, but water remaining in garden low spots or gutters needs your attention. It attracts disease-carrying mosquitoes as well as other flying insects, as do certain types of flowering plants.

People who suffer allergic reactions to bee stings can better protect themselves by positioning fragrant flowers farther from the house. In fact, any vegetation or tree limbs that are directly adjacent to your home can provide a pathway for unwelcome visitors. Window screens should also be in good condition, as must filters in HVAC appliances. Seal off any portals in and enjoy watching the birds and furry creatures…outside, where they belong.