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All the Benefits of a Chimney Cap

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It’s that time of the year when the chimney isn’t in use, and now you can really evaluate how your chimney cap is doing. Whether you have a custom cap that prevents drafts from affecting your utility bill or a top seal damper that closes the flue off with an airtight seal. Your cap works for you even when the fireplace is not in use. At Magic Sweep, we sell and install the best products on the market, and our caps are no different. When we install a cap, it is made of the best materials and built to last.

Caps Keep Water Out

chimney capWithout a cap at the top of the flue, there is a direct opening for rainwater to fall into the flue. This means rain during spring and summer, snow and sleet during winter, and everything in between can enter through your chimney. Without the cap, water will fall into the flue and immediately begin damaging the chimney.

Water is an enemy of the chimney and causes stains, rust, deterioration, mold, mildew, odors, and more. The biggest factor to consider when choosing to cap your chimney is this: capped chimneys last longer. This is because water wreaks havoc on the masonry chimney, leading to costly and dangerous damage.

Caps Keep Animals Out

During all seasons, there are various critters—small and large—that seek refuge in chimneys across the U.S. During the spring, these little animals and birds find their way into your flue to nest. Sometimes, they leave on their own, other times, they can make their way into the home through the fireplace and could die in it.

If this is the case, you will need to call a professional to have it checked after the animal is gone. A chimney sweeping appointment will ensure the flue is clean of fur, feathers, nesting materials, droppings, or other debris. You will also need an inspection so that damage to the flue liner can be assessed and repaired. The best way to prevent the damage caused by intruding animals is to prevent it altogether. A properly installed chimney cap will prevent large and small animals from entering your chimney.

Caps Keep Fire in its Place

A hot fire will push sparks and embers up the flue, sometimes the spark could escape the chimney. This can lead to accidental fires when debris on the roof is ignited or dry grasses in the yard or even nearby yards ignite. The same metal mesh of our chimney cap that keeps animals out of the flue can also keep the fire in. As these sparks hit the metal, they are extinguished and sent back down the flue into the fireplace. When the chimney is properly capped, you never have to worry about your fireplace being a hazard.

If you reside in Hampton Roads/Tidewater area and own or manage a property, we can help protect the property by installing a quality chimney cap for you today. Call Magic Sweep Corp. today at 757-523-2400 and ask us about our chimney caps today!