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Be Sure to Read Your Operating Manual For Your Gas Fireplace

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Do you make it a habit to thoroughly read your operating manuals when you buy new appliances? If you purchase a new gas fireplace, it is very important to completely read through its operating manual before you use it. Magic Sweep recommends also that you keep this manual in a safe place so that you can reference it if any future problems were to arise. Many times, our customers will call us to ask questions when the answers could be found within the operating manual. We would like to tell you the reasons why thoroughly reading the operating manual for your gas fireplace before using it for the first time is so essential.

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You will find information about the warranty in the operating manual.

Crucial details about your gas fireplace’s warrany that are located within the operating manual include its limitations and its period of coverage, according to About Home. Our staff at Magic Sweep would like to suggest writing down these details, such as the warranty period, date of purchase, and serial number, on the front of the manual so that you can reference it quickly and easily when you need this information.

You will find a parts list in the operating manual.

If there ever is a problem with your gas fireplace, your operating manual typically includes a diagram of the fireplace with each part numbered and named. Generally, the ordering number for each part is also listed on the diagram to help you easily order replacement parts when needed.

You can read exactly how your gas fireplace should function within the operating manual.

Each gas fireplace sold at Magic Sweep includes an operating manual that gives detailed information about how your appliance operates as well as exactly what the fireplace should do. Instructions and suggestions for optimum usage are also found in this manual. We recommend carefully noting the ordered series of steps you should follow so that your gas fireplace works correctly and safely.

You can learn about the special features for your gas fireplace in the operating manual.

Certain models of gas fireplaces are equipped with special features, such as a remote control. You can learn how to operate this remote control in the manual as well as discover details concerning the other unique options your gas fireplace may have.

You will find recommended maintenance tips and troubleshooting information in the operating manual.

This particular section of your operating manual will inform you of the things to do to keep your gas fireplace functions properly and safely, and Magic Sweep recommends reading this section very carefully. You will also typically find in this section frequently asked questions to help troubleshoot any problems. You may be able to save making a service call to us by reading all of the troubleshooting tips and suggestions in the manual.

If you have purchased a gas fireplace from Magic Sweep and cannot locate its operating manual, click here to contact us so that we can find the right manual for you to keep for reference.