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Chimney and Fireplace Mold

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Water can do a number on a masonry fireplace. What happens if moisture is allowed to penetrate into the chimney system? It can cause rot, stains, malfunction, deterioration, leaks, and more. When your damp chimney and fireplace are combined with mold spores, you can’t stop the growth, the damage, or the health risks. The best way to avoid chimney and fireplace mold? Prevent it altogether.

A certified chimney sweep can help you take steps now to avoid mold in the future:

  • Clean the Chimney
    You can avoid chimney and fireplace mold by keeping the chimney system clean. Schedule a chimney sweep with a certified professional today. When the system is clean, it is far less likely to become the ideal environment for mold spores to thrive.
  • Waterproof the Chimney
    Your chimney is a mostly closed system that should be protected from moisture penetration. This is because water destroys masonry from the inside out. Your chimney sweep can make sure your chimney is adequately waterproofed by installing a chimney cap and flashing. Also, applying a waterproofing sealant.
  • Schedule an Inspection
    If there is a problem with any part of your chimney system that can allow water into your chimney, you won’t notice it until there is a major leak or substantial damage. Experts recommend annual inspections to insure homeowners that the chimney is in working order and there is no sign of mold. Neglecting your annual inspection can mean going an entire year without knowing mold is growing in your chimney system. Thus, affecting it’s performance and affecting the air quality in your home.

Mold and Your Health

You can detect mold in your chimney system due to: a musty odor, because you see it on your masonry, or because a professional notified you. If this happens, you should take steps to correct it right away. Mold can cause respiratory issues and chronic illnesses, especially in individuals who have asthma and COPD. The mold and the moisture in your chimney will also affect your chimney’s efficiency. This leads to more particulate matter released into your home, adding to respiratory issues.

What to Do About Mold in Your Chimney

Whether you just have suspicions or you were notified by a professional that you have mold in your chimney, you should take action now. Magic Sweep in Chesapeake, Virginia specializes in chimney maintenance just like this. Our technicians will not only give your chimney the standard once-over, but also treat the masonry for mold, killing it for good! Afterwards, we make recommendations for further water proofing to get your ready for another year of chimney use.

Are you worried about mold? If you smell foul, musty odors from your system, or if you have noticed a leak in your system, Magic Sweep can help you. Call 757-523-2400 today or request an appointment online.