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Chimney Negligence Can Be Dangerous

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Is there supposed to be this much smoke?  Is it supposed to smell like this?  Should this leak be here?  These are questions you would be asking yourself if you let your chimney become rundown from not keeping up with proper maintenance.  With summer rushing by us, winter will be ready to make its debut and we will need those fireplaces more than ever.  Have Magic Sweep come and check out your chimney before more extensive damage occurs.

Chimney Negligence - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep

How can you hurt your chimney by neglecting it?

Chimney Sweeping

Not having your chimney swept is the worst idea someone with a chimney could have.  Not only will this put your unit in danger, but your home and family as well.  If you do not remove creosote, it can cause a bad odor during the hotter, more humid months.

This creosote can also form clumps on the inside of your chimney.  These clumps are highly flammable, and put your home at risk for a fire.  These clumps will also alter your chimney’s draft, which can keep unwanted gases such as Carbon Monoxide trapped inside.  If you get CO poisoning you will experience symptoms ranging from headache and fatigue, to chest pains and even death.  If you do feel like you may have CO poisoning seek medical help immediately.

Missing and Broken Parts

If you have a part of your chimney that’s damaged or broken, it could lead to worse problems if not fixed.  You should always have a chimney cap installed to prevent rain, animals, or other debris from entering the chimney.  Also, if you notice loose or damaged flashing you should have that repaired to protect your chimney and roof.


If you see mold growing you need to have it removed immediately.  Mold can grow and spread in as little as one to two days in the cracks of your chimney. It is also recommended that you have your chimney waterproofed to protect from precipitation.