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Complete Your Masonry Work Before Winter Weather Hits

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If your chimney has been inspected this summer and you need work done, you should not wait. Winter is coming, and with it will come the busy season, and cold weather!

Beat the Fall Rush

The time between October and January is considered the fall rush because chimney sweep companies are busy during this time. It can be difficult to get an appointment during the fall rush because many chimney sweeps are busy with emergency calls at this time. If you wait until the fall rush to schedule your masonry work, your job might take much longer than it should, simply because the appointment time is just not available. Schedule early and avoid any delays.

Beat the Winter Weather

When the weather begins to cool, homeowners want to light those fires, whether for aesthetics or for warmth. Lighting a fire in a damaged chimney is a recipe for disaster, though, and can lead to a house fire as well as carbon monoxide poisoning and more. Get your masonry repairs completed before cold weather hits, and avoid even the temptation of lighting an unsafe fire. Just don’t do it. Do not put your family or property at risk. It is always best to get chimney damage repaired as soon as possible, no matter what season it is. Damaged masonry can lead to big problems year-round.

Water Damage and Winter Damage

Water damage is one thing, but when you allow your damaged chimney to take on water during cold weather, your problems will multiply. Water will work its way into your damaged masonry, then freeze and expand, causing more damage before it melts, and repeats the process over again. This freeze/thaw effect is the #1 cause of winter damage. Get the masonry work done now and avoid the damaging effect of water on your masonry this winter.

Don’t Be Left in the Cold

When you hire a certified chimney sweep to complete chimney work, they will require you to discontinue chimney use before the appointment. For instance, Magic Sweep requires that a fireplace and chimney be cold when our technician comes for a scheduled service–preferably no fire for 24 hours prior. Depending on how much work you need to be done, and how much you depend on your fireplace for heat, you may be in for a couple of cold nights or tempted to use a fireplace that is dangerous. This is dangerous and not recommended.

Magic Sweep knows the importance of chimney safety, and puts customer safety and comfort above all else. That is why we offer comprehensive chimney services year-round. Let us repair your masonry before winter, and we can help you prevent winter damage too. Call 757-523-2400 or come by!