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Decorate Your Mantel For the Holidays

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The fireplace mantel is a focal point in most home decor. Many families take family photos in front of the fireplace, and the mantel is decorated and beautiful for the occasion. Nothing adds to your holiday experience quite like a crackling fire and a beautiful hearth.

Fireplace Face Lift

You can make sure your mantel looks the best it can when you upgrade a tired fireplace. Our Magic Sweep masons are able to fix small cosmetic issues with your hearth, or reface the whole thing completely with the brick or stone of your choice. This is a great way to finish off a remodel and have a matching mantel to go with your holiday decor as well!

Choose Your Mantel

You do not have to keep the mantel that came with your house. You don’t have to continue to use a mantel that you aren’t happy with. Maybe you don’t have a mantel at all! Magic Sweep can help you out. Our technicians can remove or cover an unsightly mantel, or build one from scratch that compliments your fireplace and your personality, even to custom specifications.

Installing a New Fireplace

You might have the mantel you want, but your fireplace is old, rusted, or worn out in general. You can raise your fireplace’s safety and efficiency by choosing an insert that fits right into your existing fireplace. Choose an option that complements your existing mantel, and your entire hearth will have a new look–and save you money in the long run!

Inserts and stoves are more efficient than traditional open fireplaces and will save you money year-round.

Clean Fireplace for Family Gatherings

Your mantel is part of a larger system that should be kept clean and functional. You can make sure your fireplace is photo-ready when your family gets together by scheduling a routine chimney sweep. A clean chimney means a hotter, more efficient fire, less smoke, and more fun. Schedule a chimney sweep if you haven’t had one in the last year, and don’t worry about dirt, debris, and creosote messing up your holidays.

Safe Holiday Decorating

When you are decorating your mantel for the holidays, hanging stockings and more, make sure that you are being safe. Stand your Christmas tree far enough away from the hearth that it will not reach the fire even if it falls. Do not hang stockings or decorations while the fire is lit. Make sure they are removable for when the fire is burning. Secure garland with staples or hooks so that it will not fall into the fire. When it comes to your chimney, you may not be able to attach hooks to it. Ask a Magic Sweep chimney expert before attaching hooks or hanging decorations onto your masonry chimney. Check out this message for more holiday safety tips.

The holidays are a great time for your family to gather around a beautiful and warm fireplace. Do not let your time be ruined by an unsafe hearth and don’t let your pictures be ruined by an unsightly mantel. Call Magic Sweep today at 757-523-2400 and ask a hearth expert how to make your mantel look its best this season.