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Don’t Forget about These Important Hearth Accessories

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Fireplace season is in full swing, but do you have all of the necessary accessories and tools to enjoy a safe and beautiful fire in your fireplace? At Magic Sweep, we carry a large variety of useful hearth accessories. We have the important fireplace accessories you need to have an attractive and functional hearth. Our customers often ask us what are the essential hearth accessories they should have, so we would like to share with you which tools and accessories you need to make your fireplace complete.

Hearth Stand, Broom, & Dustpan - Chesapeake VA

Essential Hearth Tools

When you own a fireplace, fireplace tools are as important as kitchen tools. You would not try to fry an egg without a pan or a spatula, so why would you try to burn a fire without the necessary tools? Tools can help you move the logs around without injuring yourself and facilitate the cleanup needed after a fire. According to Smarter, an online buying guide, the following fireplace tools are the most important:

  • poker: Never reach your hand into a burning fire to reposition logs. A metal poker allows you to keep the fire going by moving the logs around without burning yourself. Moving the logs allows oxygen to flow into different areas of the fire, which fans the flame and keeps the fire burning strongly.
  • tongs: What do you do if a log is close to falling out of your fireplace? You cannot just reach into the fire and grab the log, but a set of tongs allows you to grab the log safely to put it back into the fire. More secure than a poker, tongs let you get a better handle on the burning material and turn and rotate the logs more efficiently and effectively.
  • broom and dustpan: A wood-burning fire is always going to leave behind messy ashes to clean up after the fire has burned. You need a broom specifically designed to sweep up ashy residue to keep your other brooms clean. Of course, a dustpan is needed to sweep the ashes into and dispose safely.
  • stand: Unless you want these important fireplace tools scattered all over the place, you will need a stand for storing your utensils. Magic Sweep does sell fireplace tool sets that include all of the above essential tools, including a stand. We have different types of decor styles for these sets. If you have a traditional fireplace, you will want to select tools made from a heavy, substantial metal, such as wrought iron. Look for classic and ornate detailing to accent the traditional hearth. If your fireplace is more contemporary, you should go with sleek and simple stainless steel fireplace tools. Of course, you do not have to go with a matched set. If your decor is on the eclectic side, consider looking for mismatched firework tools from different designers to make a conversation piece out of your set.

Since we only had so much space to tell you about these essential hearth accessories, we still have many more in our collection. Contact Magic Sweep to learn more about our favorite accessories you need for your fireplace.