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Get Your Chimney Swept Before Winter Hits

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Winter is knocking at our door. Temperatures are dropping more and more each evening. So, you can be sure you’ll need to light up your fireplace pretty soon! It’s important to make sure your chimney is in working order before burning season. This will avoid extra costs and headaches. Preventative measures, like chimney sweeps, keep your chimney working efficiently and safely for your family and your home.

Get Your Chimney Swept Before Winter Hits - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepThe Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends regular chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections for optimum use and safety. It’s best to have your chimney swept before the season begins. This is to be sure that you don’t have any dangerous debris or creosote in your chimney flue. When your flue has creosote buildup it can become a fire hazard, and not only because glazed creosote is highly flammable. Also, because roughness on the walls make sit easier for soot and creosote to settle there.

What to Expect

When you choose a Magic Sweep chimney sweep, you can count on a professional experience every time. Our technicians are CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps® (CCS) and are experts at chimney services. All chimneys, all sizes, shapes, and fuel types.

Magic Sweep first puts down drop cloths to protect your floors. Afterwards, we cover the work space with a state-of-the-art HEPA filtered vacuum system. This is in order to keep the soot and dust from escaping into your home. Our technicians use specialized tools and brushes to clean the walls of the firebox. This is the space in which the fire burns, and then we move onto the flue. In order to access the flue and clean it thoroughly, we reach into the flue with poles, brushes, and scrapers from the room. All of the debris falls into the bottom of the chimney and is removed during the final vacuum cleaning.

Our expert chimney professionals leave your home just as we found it, except your chimney will be clean!

You’ll be Glad you Scheduled Your Chimney Sweep Now

When you schedule a chimney sweep with a Magic Sweep,  you can trust that the job is done right. Our technicians clean the chimney top to bottom. We are also happy to offer expert advice, making us available to answer questions or concerns you might have regarding your chimney system.

If you’d like to experience the Magic Sweep magic, you can contact an expert chimney technician now. Simply call 757-828-0404 or request an appointment online. You won’t be disappointed!