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HeatShield F.A.Q.

Your Chimney’s Armor: What You Need to Know About HeatShield

Through the years, we at Magic Sweep have been able to provide top quality chimney services to all our clients. In order for us to be able to continually offer and provide you with quality and safe, CSIA-approved services, we need to constantly update our line-up of products and methods.

Questions about using Heatshield sealant? We can help.

Questions about using Heatshield sealant? We can help.

Recently, we have come across an interesting and really promising product – the HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant. It is the latest in chimney restoration technology and is something that we definitely recommend.

In order to help guide you in deciding whether or not HeatShield is for you or not, we’ve compiled a few important facts that might help:

What is HeatShield?

We all know that it’s crucial that our chimneys stay in pristine shape in order to ensure its proper functionality and our safety. To achieve this, we need to make sure that our chimneys have no sign of cracks, spalling or gaps. But wear and tear is inevitable with years of usage. This is where HeatShield comes in. HeatShield is a sealant material that’s specially formulated to bring back your chimney’s integrity. You no longer need to worry about dangerous gases in your home and the possibility of cracks and gaps. With HeatShield not only are you certain that your chimney is functioning well, but you’re also comforted with the fact that you and your family are safe.

Can it be trusted?

Definitely. HeatShield selects the finest independent installers from all around the country to make sure that everyone gets the same quality HeatShield protection in their homes. So you are assured of receiving the same quality service regardless of your location.

Aside from this, when you choose HeatShield, not only are you securing your chimney but you are also contributing to the safety and conservation of our environment. HeatShield is 100% ecofriendly since it is made up of natural and recycled materials.

Still having second thoughts?

There is no need to worry because HeatShield comes with a 20-year material warranty. So if this isn’t reason enough to give HeatShield a try, then we don’t know what is.

So what are you still waiting for? Secure your home and your family’s safety and get one installed today!