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How Zone Heating Can Help You Save on Energy Bills

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With heating bills on the rise, you may be looking for a way to cut back on these costs. Magic Sweep would like to tell you about an option you have that can save both money and energy: zone heating. You may have heard about zone heating, but have you considered what it can do for your home? We would like to share some information with you from the Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association (HPBA) about zone heating with gas appliances.

Zone Heating at Home - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep

What exactly is zone heating?

Giving you energy savings ranging from 20 to 40 percent, zone heating means that you heat the rooms that you actually use. When you have a central furnace, it will cycle on and off several times every hour to provide heat to your entire house, including any unoccupied rooms. This can be a huge waste of both energy and money. You can easily utilize zone heating by operating supplemental gas hearth appliances in the rooms you and your family occupy the most often. Zone heating allows you to turn down the thermostat for your central furnace, and this will reduce the fuel consumption from your household, conserve energy, and save you money on your heating bills this winter.

What are the benefits to using gas heating appliances for supplemental heat?

Not only are gas heating appliances economical, but they are also dependable, convenient, and clean-burning. All you have to do to enjoy a fire in your gas hearth appliance is turn on the switch. You will not have to worry about pollution as natural gas is the cleanest of all of the fossil fuels. Even better, you can count on your gas heating appliance to work, even during a power outage.

What kinds of gas heating appliances can I find at Magic Sweep?

We sell and install gas fireplaces that will heat your home more efficiently and economically. If you prefer stoves, we carry Heat & Glo gas stoves that are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. If you have an older traditional masonry fireplace in your home, we can install either a gas fireplace insert or a set of gas logs that will give you a clean and convenient way to enjoy that warm and cozy atmosphere of a wood-burning fireplace.

Questions about zone heating? Click here to contact us at Magic Sweep to learn more about this excellent way to save both energy and money this fall and winter.