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Increasing Performance

Ideally, we all want to heat our homes for less, so when it comes to the fireplace, less wood and more heat is the bar. While there’s no magic supplement to cure all your fireplace’s woes and cause it to perform better than ever, there are a few tricks that can help you boost its efficiency.

Save money and have a more even heat by taking these simple steps. There are quick things you can do to increase performance.

Save money and have a more even heat by taking these simple steps. There are quick things you can do to increase performance.

Burn seasoned and dry hardwood. Green wood has too much moisture to burn efficiently. Dry wood will burn at the high and consistent temperatures needed to complete combustion. Hardwoods (like oak) aren’t any better at this than soft woods (like pine), but hardwoods burn more slowly, so you get more for your money.

Open the damper all the way. This gives your fire plenty of access to air and will result in better combustion.

Since we’ve mentioned combustion twice now, you’re probably due an explanation. Proper combustion just means that your fire is heating to the correct, consistent temperature, producing more heat and less toxic fumes (like smoke and carbon dioxide.)

Open a window. Doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? Why on earth would we tell you that opening a window to let the cold air in will make your fireplace more efficient? Fires consume a lot of air, which means that all the nice warm air gets sent right up the chimney, where it won’t be doing anyone any good. With a window open, the fire can instead pull the cold air in and leave the warm where it’s supposed to be—in your home.

Install tempered glass doors. If you have correct fitting doors installed that have a good seal, you will reduce the amount of warm air in the home being consumed by the fire. This also heats up the chimney, which creates a better environment for…yeah, you got it—better combustion.

Install a gas insert. If you’re really into this whole performance thing, gas logs are the way to go. There are options galore, many of which have the look and feel of real log fires. There’s a lot less mess to deal with, too.

Sweeping is magical. We’re not the only ones who think so, either. The CSIA and NFPA recommend annual cleanings. Creosote buildup reduces efficiency, since it blocks the proper flow of air and release of smoke.

So, all you folks looking for great performance from your fireplace, give us a call today (or click here) and experience the Magic!