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Make Your Fall Chimney Inspection Appointments Now

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You can avoid the fall rush by scheduling your chimney appointments now. The fall rush is the time which chimney sweep companies are especially busy; emergency calls, installations, and repairs are overflowing! Routine maintenance like chimney sweeps and inspections should be taken care of before burn season.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Magic Sweep remains Hampton Road’s #1 choice for comprehensive chimney care. Why? We put customer safety and comfort first! Offering a full menu of affordable chimney services to better serve our customers year-round – so that you aren’t left in the cold this fall and winter. Your chimney inspection is best completed now, so that your sweep has time to make repairs if necessary. Your chimney sweep and inspection may be the only time your chimney system is seen by a professional. In addition, it may save you money in the long run.


When You Need an Inspection

Not sure you need an inspection? If you haven’t scheduled one in the last year, you need to. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) along with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), routine sweeps and annual inspections keep your chimney system at its best. For a safe and efficient chimney system, you need a CSIA inspection annually, at the least. You may need more than that. Here are the levels of inspection:

  • 1: Annual inspection when nothing has changed with the system, and no changes are expected.
  • 2: Required inspection upon sale or transfer of property, following a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, etc.), fire, or when a level 1 shows a concern.
  • 3: Is necessary when a level 1 and level 2 inspection indicates a serious hazard. The level 3 inspection explores hidden portions of the chimney system by the removal of building and chimney components.

Familiarize yourself with CSIA inspections! This is so that you may be aware if documentation is required by homeowners insurance, real estate professionals, or municipal authorities.

Scheduling Your Annual Inspection Now

Schedule before the fall rush! Why? You are also less likely to sustain winter damages to your chimney system. During your inspection, your chimney sweep will document any weaknesses of the system whatsoever. That means that a crack today, doesn’t have to be a chimney leak later. A dirty flue can be taken care of now, and a flue fire is avoided later. An inspection now, and you’re less likely to be shelling out cash for a big repair this spring. The chimney works efficiently and safely when it’s clean, with parts properly installed and functional.

Schedule your inspection now, and your chimney will be ready when you are. Fall festivities, holiday gatherings, and cold winter nights. Do you really you need to give it a second thought? Not when it’s been assessed by a certified chimney professional!

Call a Magic Sweep chimney expert today at 757-523-2400. Are you a realtor or property manager? Let us know, so all of your properties can avoid the fall rush as well.