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MEA Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program

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While Magic Sweep is based in Chesapeake, Virginia, we do look out for our neighbors to the north in Maryland, and we have some exciting news for the residents of that state. The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) offers a grant program to owners of clean burning wood stoves. As an incentive to replace older wood stoves and electric heating systems, these grants are a part of Maryland’s Residential Clean Energy Grant Program. This program began in September of 2012 and awards $500 to owners of modern EPA-approved wood-burning stoves and $700 to owners of pellet stoves. We would like to tell you more about this clean burning wood stove grant program and how you can take advantage of it.

What are the requirements to receive a grant from this program?

MEA Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepAccording to the MEA, the following requirements must be met to take part in this program:

  • The stove must be installed in a primary residence located in Maryland.
  • The owner must replace an old wood stove or an electric or non-natural gas fossil fuel heating system with a clean burning stove.
  • Only one grant per technology can be received by the same property in a fiscal year.
  • If the property is held in trust, the MEA cannot offer a grant.
  • You must submit your grant application to the MEA within 12 months of installing the stove.
  • The installation of the stove must pass a final inspection if a permit is required by the county of residence. You must show proof of the passing in order to be eligible for the program.
  • Wood-burning stoves must be on the EPA List of Certified Stoves and emit no more than three grams of particulate matter per hour to be eligible for the program.
  • Pellet stoves must be on the Washington State Emissions Standards list and emit no more than two grams of particulate matter per hour to be eligible for a grant.


How do I apply for this grant?

You can download the application at the MEA website, fill it out according to the instructions, and then mail it to the MEA. You must also include a picture of the installed clean burning stove, the final invoice that proves this project has been completely paid for, and copies of all the inspection and permit documents that were issued by the local authority in your jurisdiction.

Questions about the MEA Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program? Contact us at Magic Sweep to find out more about this incentive to install a new wood-burning or pellet stove.