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What You Need To Know About Chimney Caps and Dampers

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Every part of the chimney system does an important job to help your chimney vent the toxic fumes of your fire. However, what happens if the chimney doesn’t work properly? Unfortunately, you will suffer from chronic respiratory distress, your home will be covered in particulate pollution, and your fire will have trouble staying lit. The chimney helps you fire burn and keeps your family safe from toxins and fire!

The Chimney Cap

The chimney cap does its part to keep your chimney working, by keeping outside influences from getting in.

  • The cap keeps water out of the flue, preventing extreme damage caused by water.
  • It keeps animals out that may damage the flue liner, leave behind flammable debris, and can even die and cause obstruction. Animal removal, repairs, and sweeps cost money. These costs can be avoided by adding a chimney cap that keeps these critters out.
  • Prevents wind gusts from blowing into the flue and affecting your fire. Wind gusts can put a fire out, or cause the fire to become unruly.
  • The cap keeps dangerous sparks from escaping the flue opening and igniting debris on the roof, and dry foliage below.

The Chimney Damper

Like the cap, the damper plays an important role in chimney function. However, many have found the traditional damper to be flawed. The damper can help control the fire and prevent drafts when the fireplace isn’t in use. In addition, it keeps animals from entering the house by way of the chimney. Having said this, the cast iron or metal throat damper does not have a solid seal. They can also be difficult to access to be repaired or replaced. Many homeowners and industry professionals have been looking for a better option, and the top mount damper is the solution!

Energy Saver

There is another option for dampers and caps! This is the top mount damper – also called the energy saving damper. The top mount damper acts as a damper and a chimney cap, combined. It keeps water, weather, and animals out, while keeping sparks in. The top mount damper has a tight seal that saves energy and protects the chimney flue from the top down. It can only be closed when a fire is out, because it does not allow anything in or out.

By switching to a top mount damper, homeowners save hundreds of dollars in cooling and heating costs per year. How do you open and close the damper if it’s on the roof? It’s easy! There is a cord installed directly from the damper to the hearth. Pulling on the cord engages and disengages the damper, and allows you to do it all from the comfort of your home.

Magic Sweep sells throat dampers and chimney caps, but we are proud to sell and install top mount dampers that save energy, protect chimneys more thoroughly, and require less upkeep than a throat damper. Call and ask a Magic Sweep chimney expert about top mount dampers today. Dial 757-523-2400 or request an appointment online now!