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Options for Buying a Stove This Winter

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Winter is the time to think about a new stove. Stoves offer a level of efficiency and heat output that isn’t possible with a traditional fireplace. Plus, they are also more versatile in design.

Options for Buying a Stove this Winter Image - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepFactors to Consider When Choosing a New Stove

  • Location
    Stoves are free-standing and can sit anywhere in the house. With the use of special heat resistant boards, tiles, and brick they can even be situated near walls and in corners.
  • Design
    You can expect a traditional and charming design when you choose a stove. However, many homeowners enjoy more modern features. For instance, if you’re looking for a fireplace feel, you can choose a stove with a flame-viewing window.
  • Efficiency
    The stoves on the market today are designed with you in mind. They are also designed for highest efficiency. When choosing a stove, it’s important to choose the size required to heat your space. No amount of design perfection will make a too-small stove heat a house larger than its capacity.
  • Safety
    When you choose a wood stove you should consider safety. Not only of fire prevention, but also of family members. Have concerns about small children? Discuss this with your stove and chimney expert to find the best option for you.

Find a Professional

When you are choosing a stove, it’s important to find a professional that puts your safety and comfort first. Also someone who listens to your needs. It is your home, after all. So, your fireplace expert should consider your needs and wants. At Magic Sweep our chimney and fireplace technicians will help you find the stove you want , and the result you need.

Magic Sweep offers the best products in the industry including state-of-art wood, pellet, and gas stoves:

  • Wood Stoves
    These offer a traditional look and a classic heat that many homeowners long for. However, some homeowners find it troublesome to buy or store properly seasoned wood until burn season. Cutting, hauling, splitting, and carrying wood sound unappealing to you? Then you should look for another option.
  • Pellet Stoves
    These retain the traditional beauty of a wood stove.  Plus, offer a higher efficiency than wood stoves. These stoves are eco-friendly. This is because the pellets are manufactured from organic materials. These are wood byproducts that were once wasted in the industry, now put to good use. These stoves even feature a hopper that allows the pellets to feed the fire at certain intervals to produce a consistent flame and heat output.
  • Gas Stoves
    These are a less traditional option, but their design allows for both traditional and contemporary specifications. Gas stoves are the most efficient option for stove heating. They are particularly beneficial for zone heating. If you’re looking for a high-heat option that is both clean-burning as well as cleaner for your stove, floor, and air – the gas stove is right for you.

No matter which stove you choose, you should have a certified chimney sweep involved through every step in this process. Wood and pellet heat leaves more creosote in the chimney than gas, but gas stoves are so efficient that there isn’t a lot of heat to move up the chimney. This can cause residue in the flue that you may not expect. This is why it’s important to schedule your chimney sweeps and inspections regularly, no matter what type of stove you choose!