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Outdoor Hearth Products for Fall

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As October approaches, the evenings are getting cool, while your home is still warm enough to avoid running heat appliances. When you’re thinking about fall bonfires, outdoor entertaining, and evening stargazing consider outdoor hearth products.

Outdoor hearth products generally burn wood or gas and can be highly efficient for heat, or simply provide aesthetics. Families have moved away from hosting and entertaining inside their homes, and often opt for outdoor gatherings and parties instead. If you have the house you’ve dreamt of, it’s time to focus on the outdoor living space you envision.

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Decor and Aesthetics

Stone, brick, or metal hearth and firebox? Chimney or fire pit? Open Fireplace or closed appliance with glass front? When the backdrop is so vast as the great outdoors, the possibilities for your outdoor fireplace are endless.


Although there are numerous designs, styles, colors, and materials to choose from for your outdoor hearth product, you may choose a certain product for its functionality instead of it’s looks. There are some products that put off more heat than others. Stoves and appliances that are closed units tend to burn hotter. If you’re looking for a heating appliance, you might choose a stove or fireplace with a door. If your goal is a a beautiful fire you might be happy with a fireplace that is less efficient. However, if you’d like warmth AND a flame, you can choose a gas appliance. Gas torches and fireplaces offer a realistic flame, although a different color than a wood fire. Gas flames are generally blue, and wood burns yellow and orange.

Tools and Accessories

Anytime you work with fire you should practice caution when stoking it, feeding it, and emptying ashes. Magic Sweep offers special tool sets to keep your hands away from the heat and to help you maintain your product with ease. It’s also a good idea to purchase leather gloves to protect your hands from burns. It’s our goal as members of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to educate all of our customers in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area on fire safety.

Call a Professional

Even though your fireplace may be outside, it should be treated as a potential fire threat, and precautions should be made, along with preventative measures, to extend the life of your outdoor products. Not only does Magic Sweep offer outdoor hearth products and accessories, but we also service outdoor products just as we do indoor. Your appliance and vent system should be cleaned regularly and inspected by a professional in order to recognize damage to the system that can cause injury to your family, as well as your guests.

Magic Sweep strives to offer the best services and products in the area, and we look forward to working for you.

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