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Reducing Fire Hazards in Your Home

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Safety is our number one priority at Magic Sweep, and we have shared with you some tips on reducing fire hazards around the fireplace in the past. It is always important to remember safety precautions when you are using your fireplace, and we would like to share some other tips from the American Red Cross. This organization cites some statistics that prove how essential it is to practice fire safety in the home. In this country, an average of seven people die from a residential fire every day, and 36 million people suffer from injuries due to a home fire every day. Every year, seven billion dollars in property damage occurs from home fires. To keep yourself and your family from becoming part of these statistics, follow these tips to reduce fire hazards in your home.

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Cook safely.

Never leave anything that you are cooking over an open flame. Accidents can easily happen when frying or grilling, so you need to keep an eye on what you are cooking to prevent accidental fires.

Be careful when smoking.

If anyone in your household smokes cigarettes, be sure that they never smoke in bed as many home fires are started this way. Better yet, make it a rule that smokers need to smoke outside of your home.

Watch your electric outlets.

If you use a space heater or other similar appliance, be sure it is plugged into a wall outlet or a power strip that can handle the wattage of the appliance.

Keep your kids safe.

You should keep all matches and lighters locked away from your children. Kids can be curious and want to play with these things, and that can lead to a very dangerous situation.

Have smoke alarms installed in your home.

Experts recommend that you have both of the different types of smoke alarms, ionization and photoelectric, installed in your home because they detect fires in different ways. It is recommended to have smoke alarms installed in the rooms as your heating appliances, outside each bedroom, and on every level of your home. You should replace the batteries in these alarms when you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time, and you should replace the alarms every ten years.

Want to know more ways to reduce fire hazards in your home? Contact us at Magic Sweep to learn how you can keep your home safe from an accidental fire.