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Chimney Sweeping Has a Purpose

Did you know that one of the leading causes of house fires are chimneys catching fire? As the outside temperature drops, the increase for this danger goes up. Why you ask? It’s simple, we use our fireplaces, stoves and furnaces more!

The great news is that chimney fires don’t have to happen. If you are diligent about getting your chimney inspection done annually, you  will know not only if your chimney needs cleaning, but also the health and condition of your chimney. If there are repairs that are needed, such as those for leaks or other structural issues, our certified technicians can advise you on the right course of action.

Creosote the Culprit

Let’s face it, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and gas or oil heating appliances, including furnaces,  all contribute to dirty chimneys. Most people understand that when you burn wood it produces a black, sticky combustible layer known as creosote. Because creosote is highly combustible, it requires regular sweeping to help prevent possible chimney fires.

All of the national organizations that work in the area of fireplace and chimney safety, NFPA, CSIA and NCSG, all recommend annual chimney cleaning along with at least a Level 1 chimney inspection.  Magic Sweep believes these organizations are correct, so this is a recommendation that we follow and recommend as well, eliminating your concerns and giving you peace of mind.

Basic Magic Sweep Process

Technicians put down drop cloths to protect your floors. We also cover the inside of the fireplace and use a state-of-the-art HEPA filtered vacuum system to contain soot and dust that will be created during the sweeping process. The inside of the firebox is scraped with a series of hand tools and brushes. We then continue the process, sweeping the flue from the roof with poles, brushes and scrapers as soot and debris fall to the bottom. The debris is removed, the inside of the fireplace is cleaned and any remaining dust or soot is vacuumed up, leaving your house spotless.

It’s Guaranteed

That’s right! Leaving your home as clean as or cleaner than when we came in is guaranteed by Magic Sweep. It’s why we are considered the #1 choice in chimney services and repair in Hampton Roads and the Tidewater area. Call us today and let us make you a believer!


It’s possible that your chimney needs some repairs, too. If so, you can rely on us at Magic Sweep for this important chimney service. Call us today.

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