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Chimney Relining Options

In the not so distant past, chimney relining meant tearing out the old liner pretty much every time and putting in a new stainless flue liner that has a lifetime warranty or a galvanized liner with no guarantees. In other words, there were not a lot of options available to you as a customer.

Why Stainless Steel Liners are the Best

While there are options, when you are in need of a brand new liner for a system that is beyond a repair or one that needs to be brought up to code, a stainless steel chimney liner is by far the best way to go. It is the only liner that carries a lifetime warranty. Simply put, once this is your liner you will never have to replace it again.

Cast In Place

Today, there are options to restore a clay flue liner that does not require a tear out of the old one. This is called “cast in place” and is a technique or method where material is poured and cast on location and directly applied and formed to restore your chimney’s flue. This technique has been used for a half a century in Europe and came to the States during the latter part of the 1970’s.

Cast in place relining restoration has really taken off in the past decade due to chimney sweeps training and education in regard to the products and process. The products available to chimney companies for this process in the United States have also improved. The cast in place method we use at Magic Sweep Corporation is both durable and has a great warranty. It is Supaflu Chimney Systems.

The only way to find out if this is even an option for your liner is to have a Level 2 inspection done so we can get a good look at the entire run of the flue to assess the damage. Once we have the answer to that, we can let you know if your chimney liner will have to be completely replaced or if we can restore it.

Unforgotten Appliances

Relining is also an important element that has to be done from time to time when dealing with oil and gas furnaces. People seem to remember the fireplaces and wood stoves yet forget about the need to sweep and have these hard working appliances inspected. Not paying attention to your furnace will eventually lead to repairs and those can include a new liner.

The bottom line is when you keep up with annual maintenance for your chimney and fireplaces, most times you reduce the cost of repairs. This system is no different from other systems like your health or your car: when you take care of it, it takes care of you. Don’t forget to call or contact us and find out why we are considered the #1 choice in Hampton Roads!


When is the last time you even thought about your chimney cap or damper? It’s important to the safe functioning of your fireplace to be sure these items are in good repair and functioning properly, so don’t overlook these items when considering professional chimney services.

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