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Spend the Holidays Around Your Fireplace

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The holidays are upon us! One of the most popular decorations for the holidays is actually something you might have year-round. This, of course, is the fireplace. In many homes, and for many years, the fireplace has been the focal point of holiday festivities. The holidays are so popular, most television services actually feature a channel solely devoted to being a fireplace. This is to provide the holiday fire experience to homes with no fireplace.

Spend the Holidays Around Your Fireplace - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepIf you’re blessed to have your dream fireplace in your home for the holidays, there are a few ways you can use it to your advantage.

Your Family Photos

The fireplace is often the backdrop of traditional family photos. Whether you stand in front of it, or sit beside it, it is the perfect backdrop. You can even decorate your hearth and mantel, although it won’t take away from the photo if you don’t. If you do decide to decorate, be sure you do so safely. This means keeping flammable decorations securely fastened and at a safe distance from the fire. Also, you can safely decorate the chimney with the approval of your certified chimney sweep. When you schedule your chimney sweep or inspection, ask your chimney expert how to safely decorate your chimney.

Hosting Holiday Gatherings

The fireplace is the focal point of many holiday festivities. Whether it be gift exchange on Christmas morning, or a cocktail party on Christmas Eve. When there are several people gathered in one room, or even one house, it can heat up quickly. With a fire burning, the party can quickly become overheated and uncomfortable for guests. However, you can control the fire’s flame by using the damper, or even closing your glass doors. If you have custom glass doors installed onto your fireplace, you can close them tightly. This should keep the fire’s heat from entering the room, while still giving you the look and ambiance of the burning fire.

Holiday Safety

When you have several people gathered in your home, especially those who don’t have a fireplace, it’s important to be safe with fire. First, never leave the fire unattended, and never leave children near the fire with no supervision. You can have an added layer of protection from burns by using a fireplace screen. When children can’t see the flame, they are less likely to get too close to it. You can also insure holiday safety by keeping decorations away from the fireplace opening. Even Christmas trees should not be near the fireplace. Keep them across the room from the fireplace. This is so that it won’t be in danger of igniting, even if it falls. Also, keeping the tree adequately watered will contribute to safety this holiday season.

While you are busy with holiday planning, hosting, and more, be sure your family, home, and guests are safe. Check out more safety tips for reducing hazards in your home here.

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