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Spring Showers & Leaky Chimneys

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Spring is here, and everyone is happy to see the flowers blooming, to hear the birds singing, and to enjoy warmer weather. However, spring also brings the Chesapeake Bay area a lot of rain, and you could end up with a leaky chimney. You are at a bigger risk for chimney leaks if your chimney suffered from spalling damage during the winter. If you have noticed cracked, chipped, loose, or missing bricks and mortar joints on the exterior of your chimney, this is spalling damage, which can lead to more water damage if left unrepaired. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) tells us that water is so destructive that it is the worst enemy of masonry chimneys. Magic Sweep specializes in leaky chimneys, and our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps know how to locate and repair leaks as well as how to prevent leaks from happening in the future. We would like to tell you about the most common sources of chimney leaks and how we can stop and prevent them.


One of the main areas where chimney leaks occur is the area where your chimney meets the roof. To protect this area, you need a custom-fitted flashing system that will provide a watertight seal of your chimney. Magic Sweep can install flashing by wrapping metal sheets around your chimney where it meets the roof, and you can trust us to take precise measurements to be able to keep the flashing from bending, as this gives water an opening to enter the chimney. We can also repair damaged flashing systems to restore the seal to prevent water from getting into the chimney at the roof.


Spring Showers and Leaky Chimneys - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepYou need a good-quality chimney cap installed at the very top of your chimney to prevent water from entering the chimney. Not only does a cap keep water out, but it also protects your chimney from getting invaded by birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wild animals. If your chimney cap is damaged or missing, your chimney is unprotected from water penetration. Magic Sweep sells and installs chimney caps, and we can help you find the best cap for your chimney and be sure it fits correctly on the top of the chimney.


The bricks and mortar of your chimney absorb water naturally, and the water that gets trapped inside freezes and thaws throughout the winter to cause spalling damage, which leads to water leaks in the spring and summer. Magic Sweep can create a barrier against water penetration by applying a 100% vapor permeable waterproofing treatment on your entire exterior chimney. This investment is one of the best preventive measures against water leaks. Since our waterproofing service comes with a 10-year warranty, your chimney will be protected for a decade.

Protect your chimney from spring showers! Contact Magic Sweep today to schedule a chimney leak inspection to keep your chimney safe from water penetration.