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Stainless Steel Liner Vs. Cast In Place

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Your chimney liner is one of the most important parts of your system. It protects the masonry from corrosive materials and gases. It also protects your masonry and home from extreme temperatures and acts as a perfectly-sized flue for venting your fires properly. Chimney liners are made of many materials, ranging in cost and ability.

For older chimneys, you may have a clay tile liner that needs to be replaced. Your chimney may have a liner that isn’t appropriate for the type of fuel you’re burning. You may have a new unit that needs a newly-sized flue. Whatever the reason it might be, you can count on the team at Magic Sweep to help you pick out the best liner for your chimney.

Stainless Steel Liners

stainless steel chimney linerUnlike clay tile or aluminum liners, stainless steel is appropriate for all fuel types. It is the most durable and long-lasting liner on the market. However, they are more expensive than other options.  They are the only liners that last forever and will never need to be replaced. In order to install a stainless steel liner, the old one need to be removed, which is a lot of work. The team at Magic Sweep is dedicated to helping you install a stainless steel liner, if this is the option you go with.

Cast In Place Liners

If you’re looking for a relining option that doesn’t require a tear-out, it is possible with a cast in place liner. With a cast in place liner, we use a special material to cast a new liner directly over the old one. This process fully restores the chimney flue for safe and proper use. At Magic Sweep, we use Supaflu Chimney Systems, which is safe for all fuel types. They are also designed to insulate your chimney and seals all cracks and pores in your existing liner.

Replacing Your Liner

In order to determine what type of liner you’ll need for your specific chimney, first you need to schedule a level 2 inspection. This inspection is a detailed assessment of the flue, which gives the professionals a in-depth look at the entire flue interior. The shape of your flue help us determine if your system is a good candidate for cast in place or another option.

Your Liner as a Priority

Your chimney liner is an important part of your chimney system, and it should not be neglected. This is true for an oil or gas furnace too. The best way to protect your liner, no matter what type of fire you burn, is to pay attention to the appliance. At Magic Sweep, we provide maintenance to gas appliances. We also repair flues on a regular basis for gas, oil, and wood fires systems. Your liner is an important part of your chimney system, and it’s important for us too!

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