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Chimney Liner Repair

The Key to Chimney Performance: The Liner

Your chimney needs a liner in order for the system to run safely and efficiently. The liner has a few different jobs that are important to keep the chimney working for you.

  1. The chimney liner protects the home from heat transfer from the chimney. Heat transfers to materials that support the home. This heat can weaken these materials and cause a fire hazard over a period of time.
  2. The chimney liner protects the masonry from corrosive byproducts that can damage the masonry if left uncleaned. Soot and creosote becomes especially detrimental to the chimney’s masonry if allowed to mingle with moisture. Moisture can result due to a chimney leak or humid weather.
  3. The chimney liner keeps hazardous gases and chemicals from leaving the chimney and entering the home. Hazardous gases affect the air quality and health of the family. The chimney’s masonry is porous in order to allow gas to escape and assist with the efficiency of the chimney. The liner prevents the gases from escaping into the house.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Liner?

It might be that you don’t need a completely new liner, but just a repair. Many old homes may still have a damaged clay tile liner. The stainless steel liner is rated for use with all fuel types, and built to last. The industry now has a repair option that offers the same result as a stainless steel liner and Magic Sweep specializes in this type of liner repair.

Introducing HeatShield®

Industry professionals have formulated a special “Cerfractory®” sealant that combines ceramic and refractory materials. This is used to completely restore a damaged or outdated clay liner. This system eliminates the dangers caused by gaps, cracks, and spalling in your chimney. HeatShield’s® Cerfractory® technology is proven to withstand moisture, corrosive, flue gases, and temperatures over 2900°F. It surpasses both National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) and International Residential Code (IRC) which require only a “Medium-Duty” refractory mortar for use in fireplaces and chimneys.

Hiring a HeatShield® Expert to Repair Your Liner

Independent HeatShield® Installers are factory trained, and experienced with materials and specially designed tools. The technician will first apply the sealant. Then the technician uses special video cameras to verify repairs were completed properly and that the chimney will be able to return to full function.

In addition to all the benefits that HeatShield® offers, it is an “eco friendly” product. Because it is made from recycled and naturally occurring materials, so it saves on resources as well as time and money. If that is not enough to convince you to choose HeatShield® for your liner repair, then remember the 20-year material warranty.

If you’re not sure whether your chimney needs a complete replacement or rebuild, you can talk to a chimney expert today about your chimney liner repairs. Call Magic Sweep at 757-828-0404 or request an appointment online.

Does Your Chimney Need a Makeover?

Have you noticed missing bricks and pieces of mortar from your exterior chimney? Not only is this damage unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. If left unrepaired, the stability of the structure of your chimney could be compromised. This type of damage is not uncommon and is caused by water penetration. Not surprisingly, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) calls water the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys. If you have seen this kind of chimney damage, you should act now because this damage worsens in the winter. You do not want to risk serious chimney problems when you need your chimney the most. Fortunately, Magic Sweep can help you by giving your chimney a makeover. We have the training and experience to replace missing bricks and mortar joints in your chimney, and we can also protect your chimney from the water penetration that causes this type of damage. We would like to tell you more about how we can help your chimney function safely and effectively with no exterior masonry damage.

How does water damage the exterior of my chimney?Does Your Chimney Need a Makeover - Chespeake VA - Magic Sweep

Since this part of your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements, it will show signs of weather-caused erosion over the years. Masonry materials absorb water, and when they are worn down, they can take in more moisture. When water penetrates bricks and mortar, it can cause these materials to weaken, crack, and break apart.

Why does this damage get worse in the winter?

When the water that is trapped inside the bricks and mortar of your chimney freezes, it expands. Once the temperature rises above the freezing point, this water thaws and causes the masonry materials to spall, or crack and break apart. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles makes spalling damage worse, and this can quickly lead to the deterioration of the structure of your chimney.

How can Magic Sweep help me deal with chimney water damage?

Our CSIA-certified chimney experts can inspect your exterior chimney damage and make recommendations on repairing and replacing damaged bricks and mortar joints. Once we make the necessary repairs, we can prevent water penetration with several methods. We sell and install chimney caps that keep water from rain and melted snow from entering inside your chimney from the top. We can apply a waterproofing formula that will protect your chimney from water leaks. We also provide custom flashing services to prevent water from pooling around your chimney where it meets the roof.

Ensuring your chimney is in good condition before the coldest weather arrives is very important. If your exterior chimney needs a makeover, contact us at Magic Sweep to schedule an appointment for a chimney inspection and consultation.

Chimney Negligence Can Be Dangerous

Is there supposed to be this much smoke?  Is it supposed to smell like this?  Should this leak be here?  These are questions you would be asking yourself if you let your chimney become rundown from not keeping up with proper maintenance.  With summer rushing by us, winter will be ready to make its debut and we will need those fireplaces more than ever.  Have Magic Sweep come and check out your chimney before more extensive damage occurs.

Chimney Negligence - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep

How can you hurt your chimney by neglecting it?

Chimney Sweeping

Not having your chimney swept is the worst idea someone with a chimney could have.  Not only will this put your unit in danger, but your home and family as well.  If you do not remove creosote, it can cause a bad odor during the hotter, more humid months.

This creosote can also form clumps on the inside of your chimney.  These clumps are highly flammable, and put your home at risk for a fire.  These clumps will also alter your chimney’s draft, which can keep unwanted gases such as Carbon Monoxide trapped inside.  If you get CO poisoning you will experience symptoms ranging from headache and fatigue, to chest pains and even death.  If you do feel like you may have CO poisoning seek medical help immediately.

Missing and Broken Parts

If you have a part of your chimney that’s damaged or broken, it could lead to worse problems if not fixed.  You should always have a chimney cap installed to prevent rain, animals, or other debris from entering the chimney.  Also, if you notice loose or damaged flashing you should have that repaired to protect your chimney and roof.


If you see mold growing you need to have it removed immediately.  Mold can grow and spread in as little as one to two days in the cracks of your chimney. It is also recommended that you have your chimney waterproofed to protect from precipitation.

HeatShield F.A.Q.

Your Chimney’s Armor: What You Need to Know About HeatShield

Through the years, we at Magic Sweep have been able to provide top quality chimney services to all our clients. In order for us to be able to continually offer and provide you with quality and safe, CSIA-approved services, we need to constantly update our line-up of products and methods.

Questions about using Heatshield sealant? We can help.

Questions about using Heatshield sealant? We can help.

Recently, we have come across an interesting and really promising product – the HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant. It is the latest in chimney restoration technology and is something that we definitely recommend.

In order to help guide you in deciding whether or not HeatShield is for you or not, we’ve compiled a few important facts that might help:

What is HeatShield?

We all know that it’s crucial that our chimneys stay in pristine shape in order to ensure its proper functionality and our safety. To achieve this, we need to make sure that our chimneys have no sign of cracks, spalling or gaps. But wear and tear is inevitable with years of usage. This is where HeatShield comes in. HeatShield is a sealant material that’s specially formulated to bring back your chimney’s integrity. You no longer need to worry about dangerous gases in your home and the possibility of cracks and gaps. With HeatShield not only are you certain that your chimney is functioning well, but you’re also comforted with the fact that you and your family are safe.

Can it be trusted?

Definitely. HeatShield selects the finest independent installers from all around the country to make sure that everyone gets the same quality HeatShield protection in their homes. So you are assured of receiving the same quality service regardless of your location.

Aside from this, when you choose HeatShield, not only are you securing your chimney but you are also contributing to the safety and conservation of our environment. HeatShield is 100% ecofriendly since it is made up of natural and recycled materials.

Still having second thoughts?

There is no need to worry because HeatShield comes with a 20-year material warranty. So if this isn’t reason enough to give HeatShield a try, then we don’t know what is.

So what are you still waiting for? Secure your home and your family’s safety and get one installed today!

All About Chimney Liners

According to the CSIA, problems in your chimney’s flue can pose serious risks to your home and family, as it’s no longer able to perform its primary function: to safely contain and vent the products of combustion to the outside of your home.

Give Magic Sweep a call at 757-828-0404 to schedule an inspection to ensure your flue liner is doing its intended job properly!

Give Magic Sweep a call at 757-828-0404 to schedule an inspection to ensure your flue liner is doing its intended job properly!