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Let Us Address Your Chimney Repairs

If you are a responsible homeowner, and periodically look over your home’s interior and exterior, you might notice some issues with your chimney. It may have some loose flashing, a damaged cap, or even cracks and stains in the masonry. These problems can occur over time, even in a well-constructed masonry chimney. The best thing you can do is schedule professional services to resolve them. The worst thing you can do? Try to do it yourself.

Saving Money Costs MoneyLet Us Address Chimney Repairs

The most common reason that homeowners attempt to D-I-Y home repairs is to save money. In an attempt to do so, the cheapest parts are often bought (and if they aren’t cheap enough in-store, they’re ordered online). This means you save money on parts, but you’re installing parts that are made out of the cheapest materials, and at the fastest rate possible. The reason that parts are cheap is that they were cheap for the manufacturer! Furthermore, ordering parts online is the best way to ensure that the products do not comply with your federal, state, and local fire safety code regulations.

Did You Know…

  • new mortar will weaken your masonry if it doesn’t match the old mortar in consistency and strength exactly? It also needs to match in color for the sake of your property value and curb appeal.
  • your flashing should be installed specifically for the material and slant of your roof, no nails should be exposed, and no sealant should be placed on the flashing? In fact, flashing is one of the most difficult installations in the industry!
  • sealants, water repellents, and cleaning agents that you buy in the home improvement store are cheap copycats of real quality products that are especially made for working on your chimney without damaging it or becoming a danger to your home or family? Many products in the stores are sealants and repellents designed for other things and transitioned into use for chimneys in order to make a buck but only cause harm to the chimney system.
  • your homeowners’ insurance will not honor chimney repairs or maintenance that is done by the homeowner or an uncertified contractor? CSIA is the industry standard recognized by fire protection professionals, legal professionals, insurance companies, and more.
  • Magic Sweep, Corp. is licensed, and certified for chimney maintenance, and the #1 choice for comprehensive chimney care in the Hampton Roads area.

We Service and Repair Year-Round

You can call and schedule with Magic Sweep year-round. A certified technician is always a phone call away, whether you suspect interior damage from an animal infestation, if a storm has dislodged exterior parts, or if your masonry is badly damaged from water penetration. No matter the problem, we have a solution, and the training, experience, and materials to back it up.

We specialize in:

  • Fireplace and chimney sweeps and inspections
  • Fireplace and chimney repairs
  • Chimney Relining
  • Chimney caps and dampers (repair, replacement, and installations)
  • Routines services and installations of appliances and parts

If you haven’t had your chimney swept or inspected in the last year, call today, and schedule with Magic Sweep. If you suspect a problem with your system, give us a call, and we’ll send someone out to diagnose the problem right away. Our goal is comfort and safety for all our customers, friends, and neighbors. Start with us.

Call 757-523-2400.

The Mantel of Your Choice

Now is the time to start thinking about your fireplace. For most homes, the fireplace is the focal point. A beautiful and stylish hearth is the best backdrop for family photos, and it also adds ambiance and warmth to family gatherings. If you’re unhappy with your current fireplace, in the middle of a remodel, or want to upgrade your appliance for better efficiency, you can also install a new mantel. When you choose a new mantel, it will tie together the entire look of your dream fireplace.

Fireplace Facelift

The Mantel of Your Choice - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep CorporationYou don’t have to change appliances or rebuild your fireplace to have a facelift. You can upgrade your existing fireplace by having it re-faced by a professional. The certified chimney sweeps at Magic Sweep are trained and experienced in beautifying your fireplace through small cosmetic fixes or through refacing it completely. This process includes the removal of the current facing and replacing it with the new facing of your choice. We have a whole selection of stone or brick for our customers to choose from, and we can install in any design for you.

Your Dream Fireplace

When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that you will get the best services in the area. Our team won’t stop until you have the fireplace of your dreams. We can install the mantel of your choice and bring your vision to life. We can bring life and warmth into your home in a whole new way with a new mantel.

Your mantel can be constructed of various materials. Some homeowners prefer a decorative hearth with no ledge, and others want a large mantel to compliment and hold decorations. Our professionals can construct a mantel from proper materials, and then they can face it with the brick or stone of your choice. The type of fireplace or appliance that you have determine how our chimney sweep constructs your mantel, but you can rest assured that we can get the job done properly and safely!

Start With the Professionals

Don’t hesitate to call the professionals when you’re planning to change your fireplace or chimney system. At Magic Sweep, we service, repair, and rebuild fireplaces year round. If you wait until fall, we can’t guarantee your fireplace will be ready in time for the cold. Call us right away if you are planning on changing your fireplace,  so our fireplace experts can help you make the best and safest choices for your home. Stop by our showroom to check out our fireplaces and mantels or call 757-523-2400 to learn more!

The Importance of Chimney Relining

Your liner is one of the most important part of your chimney. The liner has many important jobs, and it requires regular maintenance to function properly. When your liner wears out, it requires professional repairs or even a relining to restore it. However, in order to find the damage you must stay on top of your routine chimney inspections.

Common Liner Damage

The Importance of Chimney Relining - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepChimney liners become damaged over time with worn out clay tiles, crumbling joints, and deteriorated lining systems. Animal intrusion, creosote buildup, and water damage are the most common causes of liner damage, and our chimney sweeps are experienced in diagnosing and repairing these problems.

Many older masonry chimneys have old and deteriorated clay tiles, and they may not have a liner at all. When this is the case, the system need to be relined. In some instances, the liner just needs minor repairs. It’s important to hire a professional for these repairs, and they can fix it swiftly and correctly.

Why Repair the Liner

Your chimney liner has an important job to do. It protects the house from heat that can weaken adjacent woodwork to cause an accidental fire. It protects your masonry from corrosive byproducts that can shorten the life of your chimney, drop its efficiency, and raise fire risk. A correctly-sized liner provides the flue with optimum airflow, efficiency, and safety. A relining is especially essential after a new installation to ensure the flue is the right size for new capacity.

Relining with Magic Sweep

In the past, the best solution for chimney relining is to pull the old liner out and replace it completely with a stainless steel liner. Stainless steel is the best option due to the durability, and it is safe for use with all fuel types. Because of the durability and dependability of stainless steel, they are the only liner with a lifetime warranty. The downside of stainless steel is the cost.

However, we do have other options as well. Our cast-in-place liners allow our customers to pay less money and get the same protection. If you’re interested in a cast-in-place liner, you should schedule a level two inspection right now with our chimney experts. Call Magic Sweep at 757-523-2400. Are you a realtor or property manager? We can work with you as well.

Does Magic Sweep Serve All of Virginia?

Chimneys are an important part of every household that has a fireplace. In Chesapeake, Virginia, wood heat has a long history that reaches back to the colonial period. If you’re a homeowner in the area, and you have an older home, you probably have a traditional open fireplace that needs routine attention in order to work safely and efficiently. If your house is equipped with a new gas appliance, it still needs to be inspected annually in order to prevent issues and hazards. While you’re living your life—enjoying your summers, preparing for winter and holidays, spring cleaning, and more—the last thing you want to worry about is the safety and function of your chimney system. Find a professional that is licensed, insured, and certified to clean, repair, and inspect chimneys in the area.

Magic Sweep Corporation Serves Greater Chesapeake

You can call Magic Sweep if you live in the Chesapeake, Virginia area and need services year-round. Magic Sweep serves Virginia zip codes including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson, Isle of Wight, and Franklin; and North Carolina zip codes including Currituck County, Aydlett, Barco, Coinjock, Corolla, Currituck, Grandy, Harbinger, Jarvisburg, Knotts Island, Maple, Moyock, Point Harbor, Poplar Branch, Powells Point, and Shawboro.

Are you unsure whether or not Magic Sweep is servicing your area? If you live in one of the following zip codes, you can call now and schedule your appointment:
23320, 23321, 23322, 23323, 23324, 23325, 23326, 23327, 23328, 23450, 23451, 23452, 23453, 23454, 23455, 23456, 23457, 23458, 23459, 23460, 23461, 23462, 23463, 23464, 23465, 23466, 23467, 23471, 23479, 23501, 23502, 23503, 23504, 23505, 23506, 23507, 23508, 23509, 23510, 23511, 23513, 23514, 23515, 23517, 23518, 23519, 23520, 23521, 23523, 23529, 23541, 2355, 23701, 23702, 23703, 23704, 23705, 23707, 23708, 23709, 23432, 23433, 23434, 23435, 23436, 23437, 23438, 23439, 23630, 23631, 23633, 23634, 23635, 23636, 23637, 23638,23651, 23639, 23661, 23662, 23663, 23664, 23665, 23666, 23667, 23668, 23669, 23670, 2368, 23601, 23602, 23603, 23605, 23606, 23607, 23608, 23609, 23612, 23628, 23690, 23691, 23692, 23693, 23662, 23397, 23851, 27916, 27917, 27923, 27927, 27929, 27939, 27941, 27947, 27950, 27956, 27958, 27964, 27965, 27966, 27973.

Magic Sweep is the #1 choice for comprehensive chimney care in all of our service areas. Our sweeps are certified, experienced, and know the fire safety standards of our communities. If you need chimney maintenance and you don’t see your zip code on our list, we may be able to work it out, or we can find a professional in the area that can help.

Magic Sweep is CSIA certified and you can schedule services now. Call and speak with a chimney expert at 757-523-2400 today, or schedule online now.

We Can Help You Sell Your House

The housing market can wax and wane as swiftly as the stock market. It can be nearly impossible to sell property during certain economic circumstances and even certain times of the year. One thing remains unchanged about the housing market, however: fireplaces sell. In fact, real estate agents and home-buyers list fireplaces as one of their most sought-after features. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a traditional masonry fireplace that burns wood or a a gas insert or log set. Fireplaces are coveted by homeowners either for the added heat or the ambiance. There are 40 percent of buyers admitting they’d pay more to have a fireplace!

Level Two Inspections

Magic Sweep offers chimney inspections in compliance with CSIA standards. A level two inspection is required when there is a transfer of ownership of a property. This means that your chimney should be inspected before you sell your home. This is so that you can disclose problems to possible home-buyers. Also, so that you can improve the value of your home. A level two inspection can help you raise property value prior to a refinance or home sale.

The Solution to a Broken Firebox

If your technician finds your firebox has a major issue, repairs can come at a cost. However, there is another solution. Magic Sweep sells the best products on the market for just this situation. A gas, wood, or pellet insert can be just the solution for your broken firebox. A fireplace expert can work with you to choose exactly to your tastes and needs. They can even consult with your realtor for the best way to restore your fireplace and help you sell your home.

First, a Magic Sweep technician will carefully measure the existing firebox to choose the insert to fit perfectly. Then, will help you decide which insert will work best with your property. Gas inserts are a great option and most efficient. Remember though, they require an existing gas hook-up! Otherwise, installation may cost more than you’d like before a sale. Wood and pellet inserts are also great options and highly efficient.

The Solution to a Broken Chimney

Perhaps your firebox is in good shape, but your chimney is irreparably damaged. With professional help you can still use your fireplace to sell your house! Choose a gas log set and have your chimney closed off permanently. Magic Sweep technicians are experts at installing vent-free gas log sets that are realistic and beautiful, and will provide exceptional zone heating for your new buyer.

After Magic Sweep helps you prepare your chimney and fireplace for your sale, you will get an inspection for your personal records and sale. Call Magic Sweep today at 757-523-2400!

In addition to regular services that can help sellers get the most out of their property when they sell, Magic Sweep also offers special consideration to realtor and property managers.