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What is Really in Your Air Ducts?

Are you spending more time outdoors since the weather has finally warmed up? If you’re like many, you may be spending more time than you realize inside even during warm weather. While we may want to do more activities outside, things like pollen and insects still drive us indoors. Even inside our houses, we may still be exposed more allergens than we think. At Magic Sweep, we would like to inform you about the effects of a dirty air ducts system and how we can help.

Dirty Air Ducts

a beautiful simple houseAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your home air ducts hold contaminates that circulate throughout your entire home. These contaminants are caused by dirt, mold spores, and rodent feces, so having a professional come out and clean your air ducts  is very important this spring! Dirty air ducts can lead to moisture damage, a strained central air or heat system, and respiratory issues for those that live in your home.

Prevent Duct Contamination

You can prevent duct contamination by having a professional come perform an air ducts cleaning. You can also prevent contamination by keeping your home clean of rodents and insects. Replacing your air filter is another important way to have a clean and efficient air duct system. Change your filters more frequently if they get clogged often. You should never use your system without an air filter.

Ask your maintenance person to clean the cooling coils and drain pans next time maintenance is being done. Only use a dehumidifier if it is recommended by a professional or manufacturer. Keep moisture out of your air ducts and check for signs of mold regularly. In order to prevent water damage and mold growth, repair leaks and water damage as soon as possible. Make sure all ducts and vents are working properly and have no leaks. If trash, toys, and dirt fall into your vent outlet covers, make sure to clean it out immediately to prevent buildup and obstruction.

Your Air Duct Experts

At Magic Sweep, we cleans air ducts, and our mission is to keep our customers safe and comfortable. By offering vacuum pressure air duct cleaning, we are able to clean air ducts thoroughly without harming them and without affecting the breathable air. Our vacuum system is hooked up to your system directly, and we pull all the contaminants out so it allows air to flow freely and cleans the air. Concerned about bacteria growth in your system? Ask a Magic Sweep technician about sanitizing the air ducts with a mild sanitizing agent.

If you reside in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area and haven’t had your air duct cleaned in the last year—or ever—you can get on the schedule today! We work with realtors and property managers, homebuyers and hospitality industry. We clean air ducts so you don’t have to worry about the air you’re breathing, and neither does your family or customers. Call us at 757-523-2400 or request an appointment online!

Make Sure Your Air Ducts Are Clean

During the summer months, we generally spend the hottest parts of the day indoors. The cool air blasting through our central air and heat duct system is great! Despite the fact that this air is “conditioned” it can carry harmful particles to your family. This can result in illnesses that you won’t even realize are related to your air conditioning. Common contaminants that are found in air ducts include: dust, dirt, debris, and pathogens. The US Environmental Protection Agency says you should consider having your air ducts professional cleaned if you can visibly detect mold, rodent infestation, or a dirt or debris buildup in your duct system.

The Problem with Dirty Air Ducts

When an air duct isn’t cleaned regularly, it can become filled with dirt, dust, and debris that isn’t caught by the filter. Generally, the filter is placed at the intake vent where air is pulled into the system. Many outlets are found on the floor. This means dirt, toys, and other debris can fall into the vents. Unfortunately, this isn’t filtered out since it’s the vent that pushes conditioned or heated air into the home. Do you have roaches, ants, or rodents in your home? If so, you can assume they travel through air vents as much as they do interior walls and floors. Mice leave droppings and urine in air ducts that will be constantly re-circulated!

Moisture in Your Air Duct

A water leak in the hidden portions of your home can result in water in your air duct. Rodent urine can also result in moisture in your air duct. Despite the cause of moisture in the air duct, it is the first component needed for bacteria to thrive. Water in your air duct, combined with the heat and dark of a central air and heat system can result in a thriving population of mold spores. This mold is then circulated constantly throughout your home. Consequently resulting in respiratory illnesses, chronic cough, cold symptoms, sinuses, allergies, and more. You may go months without realizing the occurrence is due to a dirty air duct system!

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Like every system in the home, the safety, efficiency, and life of the air duct system depends largely on routine and professional maintenance. The average homeowner doesn’t know how to clean an air duct, detect damage or dirtiness, or maintain it properly. Do you suspect a problem with your air duct system? Then you should contact a professional to asses it. If you haven’t had it assessed or cleaned, or if it wasn’t installed by an HVAC professional, you should call one to assess it. If you just bought or are looking to sell your property, you should have it professionally assessed.

At Magic-Sweep our air duct cleaning services include a power vacuum system. This system removes pollutants and contaminants such as animal dander, dead skin cells of humans, mold spores, dust, pollen, and more. These things that you may inhale and breathe regularly, can be gone in a matter of hours.

Don’t worry about the air you’re breathing while you’re stuck inside on those hot days. Enjoy your air conditioning system with clean air circulating throughout your home. Call Magic-Sweep today at 757-523-2400!