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Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

You’ve successfully survived cold weather for one more year, but now it’s time for summer heat. It’s now officially summer, and much of America has switched the thermostat over to “cool.” Most homeowners only worry about the way their central air system will affect their utility bill, but it affects so much more than that! You can save money on utilities AND improve the air quality in your home by scheduling an air duct cleaning with Magic Sweep.

Clean Ducts, Clean Air

Your central air duct system is not a closed system. It cools indoor air with a refrigerant and distributes it throughout the house via vents. Although the air must flow through a filter to enter the air duct system, there are particles that can get through. Over time these particles become pollutants and contaminants. Common nastiness we see in air duct systems include animal hair (dander), mold spores, dust, rodent droppings, and more. Some materials appear as dust, but are actually dead skin cells carrying bacteria and pollen that contributes to allergies. If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in the last twelve months, they may have one or more of the aforementioned materials.

What to Expect

When you hire the professionals to clean your air duct, you can count on a job well done. We use an industrial vacuuming system that works under negative pressure to pull dislodged contaminants straight out of the system without allowing any to escape back into your home. We get the job done in just a few hours, and your family will be safer and healthier. Not only do we draw out contaminants with our vacuum system, but we are also able to remove the dangerous buildup of a lint-type material that can catch fire–especially if your duct system is also used for your home heating. Don’t trust the amateurs with your safety. Call Magic Sweep for professionalism and courteous air duct service.

When to Schedule

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you should schedule an air duct cleaning if:
-Mold growth is present and visible on ducts or other components of heating and cooling system.
-Ducts are infested with rodents or insects.
-Ducts are clogged with debris including dust or particles visible at vents.

There may be an easy solution for your ventilation problems, so schedule an inspection today!  If you’ve noticed your utility bill has increased, but your thermostat is the same, you may have a problem with the system. If anyone in your family suffers from chronic respiratory issues, you may have a problem. A clean system means smoother airflow, and that means less stress on the system and a cheaper bill.

Schedule your air vent cleaning today by calling 757-523-2400!

Make Sure Your Air Ducts Are Clean

During the summer months, we generally spend the hottest parts of the day indoors. The cool air blasting through our central air and heat duct system is great! Despite the fact that this air is “conditioned” it can carry harmful particles to your family. This can result in illnesses that you won’t even realize are related to your air conditioning. Common contaminants that are found in air ducts include: dust, dirt, debris, and pathogens. The US Environmental Protection Agency says you should consider having your air ducts professional cleaned if you can visibly detect mold, rodent infestation, or a dirt or debris buildup in your duct system.

The Problem with Dirty Air Ducts

When an air duct isn’t cleaned regularly, it can become filled with dirt, dust, and debris that isn’t caught by the filter. Generally, the filter is placed at the intake vent where air is pulled into the system. Many outlets are found on the floor. This means dirt, toys, and other debris can fall into the vents. Unfortunately, this isn’t filtered out since it’s the vent that pushes conditioned or heated air into the home. Do you have roaches, ants, or rodents in your home? If so, you can assume they travel through air vents as much as they do interior walls and floors. Mice leave droppings and urine in air ducts that will be constantly re-circulated!

Moisture in Your Air Duct

A water leak in the hidden portions of your home can result in water in your air duct. Rodent urine can also result in moisture in your air duct. Despite the cause of moisture in the air duct, it is the first component needed for bacteria to thrive. Water in your air duct, combined with the heat and dark of a central air and heat system can result in a thriving population of mold spores. This mold is then circulated constantly throughout your home. Consequently resulting in respiratory illnesses, chronic cough, cold symptoms, sinuses, allergies, and more. You may go months without realizing the occurrence is due to a dirty air duct system!

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Like every system in the home, the safety, efficiency, and life of the air duct system depends largely on routine and professional maintenance. The average homeowner doesn’t know how to clean an air duct, detect damage or dirtiness, or maintain it properly. Do you suspect a problem with your air duct system? Then you should contact a professional to asses it. If you haven’t had it assessed or cleaned, or if it wasn’t installed by an HVAC professional, you should call one to assess it. If you just bought or are looking to sell your property, you should have it professionally assessed.

At Magic-Sweep our air duct cleaning services include a power vacuum system. This system removes pollutants and contaminants such as animal dander, dead skin cells of humans, mold spores, dust, pollen, and more. These things that you may inhale and breathe regularly, can be gone in a matter of hours.

Don’t worry about the air you’re breathing while you’re stuck inside on those hot days. Enjoy your air conditioning system with clean air circulating throughout your home. Call Magic-Sweep today at 757-523-2400!

Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

We often hear about concern over the amount of pollution in the air that reduces the quality of the air outside, but have you ever wondered about the indoor air quality in your own home? Several times a day, breathing irritants such as dust, pollen, animal dander, and even mold spores are circulated throughout your home via the air ducts of your HVAC system. In some cases, indoor air quality can be worse than the air outside your home. To keep you and your family breathing easily and safely, Magic Sweep is proud to offer professional air duct cleaning services. We use a specialized vacuum pressure duct cleaning system that will remove all of those irritants and contaminants from your home. We recommend having this service done annually to keep your indoor air quality at its best. While this service will benefit everyone, there are a few situations where air duct cleaning is essential. To help you decide whether or not you need this service, we would like to tell you more about when you should have your air duct system professionally cleaned.

You are having renovation work done in your home.

clean air ducts - chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep

Remodeling your home can create a lot of dust and dirt, which enter your air ducts to get recirculated throughout every time your HVAC system is running. Not only does dirt and dust get into the system, but so do other irritants that can be very dangerous. If your home improvement project involves asbestos abatement or lead paint removal, Today’s Homeowner strongly recommends having your air ducts professionally cleaned. Even though your ducts should be sealed off during the renovation, your air ducts can still get very dirty.

You have seen signs of animals in your air duct system.

In the winter, wild animals are searching for a warm and safe place to nest, and your air ducts could be a potential new home. Whenever you see any signs of animal infestation in your air duct system, contact Magic Sweep. We can assist you with getting the animals safely removed and then clean your air ducts to get rid of any debris and germs left behind.

You have mold in your air ducts.

If you notice the tell-tale scent of mold whenever your HVAC system is running, you need to contact Magic Sweep immediately. This situation can be very hazardous to your health, especially if you have allergies or other respiratory issues. Breathing in mold spores can be deadly, so do not hesitate to have your air ducts professionally cleaned if you suspect mold is growing in the system.

You or another member of your household is suffering from an unexplained allergy-related sickness.

Not being able to breathe properly due to allergies can be not only frustrating but also hazardous to your health. If you have done everything you can in your home to eliminate the source of the allergy-related sickness and see no improvements, it is time for a professional air duct cleaning.

Improve the indoor air quality in your home, and breathe easier. Contact us at Magic Sweep to schedule an appointment for our professional air duct cleaning services.

Time to Clean Air Ducts

How long has it been since you last had your air ducts cleaned? Do know what's inside them now? Are you confident that the air you breathe indoors is free of pollutants? Think again. Have your ducts cleaned.

How long has it been since you last had your air ducts cleaned? Do know what’s inside them now? Are you confident that the air you breathe indoors is free of pollutants? Think again. Have your ducts cleaned.

We see reports on the news of how the air quality is on the outside, but we hardly think of our indoor air. We may buy humidifiers or air fresheners for what we can notice immediately to make the space seem better, and that it does. However, as homeowners you should know how your air ducts work and what to do if a problem arises. For questions or to schedule your appointment with an experienced technician call Magic Sweep.

When do I need to clean my air ducts?

When you think about it, air duct cleaning sounds like something that needs to be done periodically. Surprisingly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not recommend you have routine cleaning, but only when it’s needed. However, if you have a fuel burning furnace or fireplace it is important to have the ducts inspected for proper functioning to prevent any chances of carbon monoxide poisoning.

So, how do you know when it is time to call in for cleaning? One of the main things to look for is mold growing inside ducts or on other parts of your heating and cooling system. You may not be able to see the mold, so if during an inspection the technician finds some, ask to be shown for future references. Sometimes mold can only be officially named such with appropriate lab testing. If you have air ducts that are insulated, they will need to be replaced instead of cleaned if they become moldy. Other things to look at are if your ducts have any rodents or insects stopping by, or if there is an excessive amount of dirt that is being allowed to enter your home. It is important to watch your air duct’s behavior after cleaning to make sure that none of these problems are able to happen again.

Can unclean air ducts affect the health of my family?

While the average person might not feel affected by a slightly dirty air duct, someone with allergies or other illnesses may. This could happen if you let the problems mentioned above go unnoticed. When hiring a technician, make sure it is someone reliable and professional. Without proper care and cleaning, your ducts could end up with more problems than you originally called for.