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Spend the Holidays Around Your Fireplace

The holidays are upon us! One of the most popular decorations for the holidays is actually something you might have year-round. This, of course, is the fireplace. In many homes, and for many years, the fireplace has been the focal point of holiday festivities. The holidays are so popular, most television services actually feature a channel solely devoted to being a fireplace. This is to provide the holiday fire experience to homes with no fireplace.

Spend the Holidays Around Your Fireplace - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepIf you’re blessed to have your dream fireplace in your home for the holidays, there are a few ways you can use it to your advantage.

Your Family Photos

The fireplace is often the backdrop of traditional family photos. Whether you stand in front of it, or sit beside it, it is the perfect backdrop. You can even decorate your hearth and mantel, although it won’t take away from the photo if you don’t. If you do decide to decorate, be sure you do so safely. This means keeping flammable decorations securely fastened and at a safe distance from the fire. Also, you can safely decorate the chimney with the approval of your certified chimney sweep. When you schedule your chimney sweep or inspection, ask your chimney expert how to safely decorate your chimney.

Hosting Holiday Gatherings

The fireplace is the focal point of many holiday festivities. Whether it be gift exchange on Christmas morning, or a cocktail party on Christmas Eve. When there are several people gathered in one room, or even one house, it can heat up quickly. With a fire burning, the party can quickly become overheated and uncomfortable for guests. However, you can control the fire’s flame by using the damper, or even closing your glass doors. If you have custom glass doors installed onto your fireplace, you can close them tightly. This should keep the fire’s heat from entering the room, while still giving you the look and ambiance of the burning fire.

Holiday Safety

When you have several people gathered in your home, especially those who don’t have a fireplace, it’s important to be safe with fire. First, never leave the fire unattended, and never leave children near the fire with no supervision. You can have an added layer of protection from burns by using a fireplace screen. When children can’t see the flame, they are less likely to get too close to it. You can also insure holiday safety by keeping decorations away from the fireplace opening. Even Christmas trees should not be near the fireplace. Keep them across the room from the fireplace. This is so that it won’t be in danger of igniting, even if it falls. Also, keeping the tree adequately watered will contribute to safety this holiday season.

While you are busy with holiday planning, hosting, and more, be sure your family, home, and guests are safe. Check out more safety tips for reducing hazards in your home here.

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Reducing Fire Hazards

Enjoying fires in your fireplace comes with some responsibilities for safety reasons. Knowing how to reduce fire hazards is very important and can even save your life. At Magic Sweep, safety is our top priority, and we feel strongly about educating our customers on fireplace safety. To help you and your family stay safe this winter, we would like to share some safety tips that can help you reduce any possible fire hazards in your home.

Have your chimney professionally swept and inspected every year.

Maintenance is key when reducing fire hazards, and the most important fireplace and chimney maintenance task is scheduling an appointment with Magic Sweep once a year for our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified chimney sweeps to clean and inspect your chimney. Our professional service will reduce your risk for chimney fires because we will ensure the complete removal of the highly flammable creosote from the inside of your chimney. We will also reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by inspecting your chimney for any blockages and other damage.

Only burn seasoned firewood in your fireplace.

For the best fires, Magic Sweep strongly recommends you use seasoned firewood, which is wood that has been allowed to dry for at least six months after it has been cut. You should also never burn treated or painted wood as the fumes can be very hazardous. We also want to warn you against using liquid fire starters or accelerants as these can cause a fire to quickly become out of control.

Be sure the damper is open completely before starting a fire.

This mistake can happen to the best of us. You will definitely know very quickly if you forgot to open the damper before starting a fire because smoke will rush into the room. You should also keep the damper open until the fire has been extinguished to reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keep the area surrounding your fireplace clear of any flammable items.

You will want to keep furniture, rugs, curtains, and any other combustible items at least six feet away from the fireplace when a fire is burning. Hot embers and sparks can jump from the fireplace to ignite an accidental fire, so keeping that area clear greatly reduces fire hazards.

Install a mesh metal screen in front of your fireplace.

To protect your children and pets, a metal fireplace screen can easily be installed. This screen will keep curious kids and animals from getting too close to the fire, and it can also keep the hot embers we just mentioned inside your fireplace as well.
Reducing Fire Hazards - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep

Want more fire safety tips? Contact us at Magic Sweep to learn how you can safely enjoy fires this winter.

6 Questions for Your Chimney Sweep

Choosing the right company to handle all of your chimney and fireplace needs can be a tough task.  Knowing which questions to ask can and will certainly smooth out the process for you.

Being an informed homeowner makes the process of choosing a chimney sweep a much simpler task.

Being an informed homeowner makes the process of choosing a chimney sweep a much simpler task.

Spring Checklist for Your Chimney

Your chimney and fireplace kept you warm.  They've earned a thorough inspection and cleaning.

Your chimney and fireplace kept you warm this winter, and now they’ve earned a thorough inspection and cleaning.

After a very cold, long winter, your home is ready for a spring cleaning from top to bottom. While you are getting your to-do lists ready this season, do not forget your fireplace and chimney as they have worked hard heating your home all winter, and both are in need of a good cleaning. For proper maintenance of a safe chimney, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends an annual chimney sweep and Level 1 chimney inspection. In fact, when you make your spring checklist for your chimney, that’s all you need to do: request an appointment with Magic Sweep for a chimney sweep that includes a Level 1 inspection.

What to Expect

Our certified technician will arrive at your house to do the chimney sweep and bring the Magic Sweep spring checklist for your chimney and perform the following tasks:

  • Perform a Level 1 inspection – A basic level of inspection, we look around the readily-accessible sections of your chimney as well as the exterior of your chimney. We will go to the roof to examine the chimney above the roof if access is provided and the conditions are safe. We will be making sure your chimney is sound and does not seem to have any structural damage. We will also examine to see if your chimney is free from blockages and excessive creosote deposits.
  • Protect the room and house – Using a high-powered, long-handled vacuum with a HEPA filter and drop cloths to cover your furniture, we work to contain the dust and debris that will occur during the sweeping process.
  • Scrape the firebox – With hand tools and brushes, the firebox, where the actual fireplace is, is scraped down and swept, then vacuumed.
  • Scrape the chimney – The firebox scraping process is continued up to the top of the chimney, using tools and brushes on poles. All of the soot and debris falls to the bottom. We remove the debris, clean the firebox, and vacuum all remaining soot and debris. We guarantee that we will leave your home as clean or cleaner than when we came in.

What Happens Next?

After your chimney sweep has been completed, we will talk with you about our findings in your Level 1 inspection. It is possible you may need a Level 2 inspection, which includes a video scan that allows us to look more closely inside your chimney. You may also need repairs if you have suffered structural damage. Magic Sweep is certified in all sorts of chimney repairs, and our technician will be happy to go over your options with you.

Get started on your spring cleaning, and take care of your spring checklist for your chimney by contacting Magic Sweep today to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and Level 1 inspection.

Your Chimney’s Parts and What They Do

The first thing you need to understand when dealing with your chimney system is that you could have one of two types of systems and should know which one you have. This goes beyond wood burning or gas. You will need to discover whether your system is a masonry fireplace and chimney system or a factory built fireplace and chimney system.  While you might not think this important, it is.

Knowing what type of system you have, as well as the life expectancy and parts that wear out over time,  are all things that make you a better homeowner. This will also allow you to know what to expect over time.  So while each share parts, let’s look at one at a time and see how they are alike and more importantly, where the differences lie.

Masonry Fireplaces are considered the workhorses in the hearth industry as they are built to last a long time and can add great value to your home as well as enjoyment if properly taken care of. One of the first things to know about masonry systems is their weight. They can weigh between 6 and 7 tons! This is why you need to watch the foundation to make sure it is not cracking or sinking under this massive amount of weight distributed in a very small area.

Masonry Chimney - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep

Masonry Chimney – Chesapeake VA – Magic Sweep

You will need to watch the hearth area at the base of the fireplace as well as any cracks in the brick or stone in the firebox or on the fireplace facing. Outside you will want to take a look at the brick and surface of the stone to see if there are any signs of stress. This can be cracks or leaning of any kind. All of these areas can be a sign that the weight of the unit may be getting the better of the situation and needs to be addressed.

The hearth area is the open area in front of the firebox that will need to be free of any combustibles so there is nothing that catch on fire from a flying spark or ember and extends as the base of the firebox. Sometimes there is an ash dump that is also connected to an area in a basement or to the outside where the ash can be easily cleaned out.

When a fire is burning in the firebox, smoke has to be able to get to the outside. To do this there is a series of parts that allow this to happen. The first is a throat damper, which is still in many of these systems. If the damper remains closed, smoke will back fill into your home and you will have a big problem. Making sure the damper is opened and working properly before a fire is ever lit is extremely important.

Once the smoke passes through the damper is sits in the smoke chamber as the draft pulls it up the flue and out into the open atmosphere. There is also something called a smoke shelf that keeps any debris from falling back down into your firebox. This is one place creosote is often found and is removed during sweeping.

Another part that is not always on a masonry system is a chimney cap. The cap is attached to the top of the flue and acts as a spark arrest-or for combustibles leaving the system. It also stops water and animals from entering the system when not in use. Many chimney professionals recommend adding this part for obvious reasons.

The mortar crown finishes off the masonry chimney system and seals off the top of the chimney. Because of the elements this part of the system is exposed to it is one of the areas that will most likely need to be repaired or replaced in time. Talk to your professional chimney services guy about sealing this with some of the newer materials that have come on the market to protect it even better over a longer period of time.

The last “part” would be the brick or stone the system is built with. These materials are porous and can erode over time and exposure. There are many so called fixes that simply do not work due to lack of permeability, which is allowing air to move through the material even though water is blocked. Masonry materials must be able to breathe!

Having a well-built masonry fireplace is a great item to have in a home but unlike engineered products like factory built systems, having a professional to build these systems is a must. Masonry fireplaces will not work well if it is not built to a standard that chimney specialists work with every day. Get referrals if you are having one of these built or repaired.

Factory-Built Fireplaces are often referred to as prefabricated fireplaces and are engineered products much like any other appliance in your home. And just like those appliances, there is a life expectancy that must be taken into consideration when dealing with one of these units. They are a complete system from top to bottom and are not interchangeable from system to system.

These units come with a hearth much like a masonry system as well as a firebox. However, the firebox is made up of panels on each side and not firebrick like in a masonry fireplace. Replacing these panels is an option. However, there are times units stop being manufactured and the panels are really hard to find. Dealing with a reputable chimney company can help as they have resources with other sweeps to find panels that are no longer being made.  This is also when many people decide it’s time to upgrade to a more efficient factory built unit and just get a new one.

These appliances will have a chimney or flue and have a fire stop to keep the smoke going up the chimney and out the top through the chimney cap. There are very specific instructions that come with installing one of these prefab units so please make sure you use someone that is experienced and certified to do so. There are clearances to combustibles to take into consideration as well as modern building codes for these units as they are not made to undertake the punishing heat you can get away with in a masonry chimney. There are set limits so make sure you have a clear understanding of what type of factory built unit you have and what type of fuel you should burn in it.

There is no doubt that having a fireplace is one of the most relaxing things you can have as a part of your home, it is also an appliance that will need to be maintained, repaired, cleaned and sometimes replaced. As long as you understand that, you should have a positive and wonderful experience with your masonry or factory built fireplace system.