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Tired of Your Wood-Burning Fireplace? Convert to Gas!

A wood-burning fireplace brings ambiance and warmth into your home, but it requires a lot of work and upkeep to properly maintain. Many homeowners opt for a gas fireplace because of their efficiency and convenience, and we don’t blame them. If you’re tired of wood-burning fireplaces and want to convert to gas, now is the best time.

Converting to Gas

Tired of Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Convert to Gas - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep With only a few weeks left before cool weather arrives, there is still time to convert from wood to gas. Magic Sweep sells gas fire products, and we can help you decide the best product for your home.

An growing and popular option is the gas log set. They are easy to light, control, and extinguish, and offer a great amount of heat. Ideally, if the chimney is in good shape, the logs can be placed in the existing fireplace and look as realistic as your wood fire. When gas logs are venting through existing chimney system, you can opt for yellow flame logs. They are more realistic and offer more heat. If your chimney is in disrepair, we can install blue flame logs which can burn safely indoors without affecting air quality.

Like gas logs, a gas insert is placed directly into the wood-burning fireplace to convert to gas. A professional takes specific measurements of the existing fireplace, and the new insert is retrofitted into the firebox. Once installed, the insert is piped up through the chimney so the fireplace burns safely and efficiently.

Whether your wood-burning fire is a stove or fireplace, you can convert to gas by installing a gas stove. A professional chimney sweep from Magic Sweep can help you pick out the perfectly-sized gas stove to match the heat output of your wood stove. They can even install a gas stove into your existing fireplace.

Benefits of Gas

The benefits of choosing gas never stop! Whether you choose a gas log set, stove, or insert, the possibility is endless. Choosing gas eliminates the need to cut, haul, and store firewood. There is also no ash to shovel, carry, and dispose of. There is less soot and creosote produced, and they require less professional service appointments.

Once Magic Sweep installs your new gas fire appliance, we can also service them for the life of your home! Give the professionals a call for your gas services and your installations today!

The Convenience of Gas Logs

Whether you’re looking for a little ambiance, some extra warmth, or even making due with a worn out chimney, gas logs can add to your home in more ways than one! In fact, gas logs are growing in popularity among home and business owners. What’s the big deal? Once you find out all these products have to offer, you won’t choose anything different!

Easy Install

Depending on what type of log set you choose, you may not even need a vent/chimney. Many gas log sets are safe for indoor use without a vent. These are also perfect for bypassing chimneys in disrepair atogether. This is why it’s important to involve a professional from the beginning when you’re making a change or planning a new install. Only a professional can definitively assess the situation, measure, order, and install the right unit for you. Showrooms across the country are filled with returns that homeowners have ordered online that were inappropriate for their home, their fuel type, or didn’t fit in their space. When you choose to work with Magic Sweep, you can rest assured that the installation will be without hassle and headache.

Easy to Use

Gas logs are easy to use when you follow directions. Most light by a switch or may require the use of a match. Through the winter there may be a pilot light burning, and this can be shut off during the offseason. Gas fires are easily controlled with a remote control. When you’re ready to shut the fire down for the night, it just requires the flip of a switch of the turn of a knob. This creates freedom that doesn’t exist with a wood-burning fireplace. A gas fire can ignite and extinguish instantly, cool off quicker, and result in less accidental burns. These products are also easy to maintain. All you have to do is dust around the fireplace on a regular basis, remove debris from the area, clean the burners (logs), and check connections.

Minimal Maintenance

Despite the convenience of gas logs, they still require routine professional maintenance in order to stay efficient and safe. Homeowners should have a professional come into service gas fire appliances at least annually in which the flue and unit are cleaned, connections are checked, glass is checked, and the unit is tested. These annual appointments can prevent serious damage and injury caused by neglect.

Learn more about gas log sets and how they can benefit you. If you start now, you can have the work done this summer, and your fireplace will be ready for the first fire this fall.

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Types of Inserts, and Which One is Right for You?

Inserts can be the answer to your fireplace woes. They are easy to install, affordable, good for the environment, and beautiful! If you’re thinking about upgrading an old fireplace, or installing your first fireplace, an insert is only a phone call away. When you get started with a professional now, you can have your insert installed before Christmas!

The Best Fuel for Your Insert

Choose a gas insert if you want a more efficient heat machine. If you have a store of firewood on your property that you can cut from, you may want to go with wood. Inserts are all highly efficient and stylish, no matter what fuel they burn.

Gas Inserts – Gas is the most efficient fuel. It produces less soot, and no creosote, so it requires fewer cleanings than wood inserts. Gas appliances are also more convenient than wood, with easy on/off switches and easy temperature controls. Direct vent gas inserts don’t even require a chimney, but only a vent in a wall or ceiling. These appliances can be installed anywhere, whereas a regular insert is retrofitted directly into the existing fireplace.

Wood Inserts – Wood inserts are more efficient than a traditional open wood fireplace. They capture more of the heat from the fire and redirect it into the house and up the chimney for a more efficient burn. If you choose a wood insert, you will need a store of properly seasoned firewood, that has been cut and set aside to dry for 3-6 months. Burning green wood or other inappropriate burning materials results in flue fire, extra creosote, and a drop in efficiency. A wood insert will require your attention to light and maintain a fire.

Pellet Inserts – A pellet stove burns manufactured products called pellets. Made from organic wood byproducts, pellets are eco-friendly, burn cleanly, and burn as hot as wood. When you choose a pellet stove, you get some of the benefits of gas, but the intense and beautiful flame of a wood fire. Pellets can maintain a consistent temperature due to a hopper that feeds pellets into the fire determined by a thermostat. In addition, pellets do need to be purchased and stored.

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When you start your search with Magic Sweep, you will have the input of the fireplace experts from the start. We know which will best suit you, which new features you can benefit from, and which inserts will best heat the space you need. If you come out to our show-room and realize you don’t want an insert at all, we can help fit you with a stove that will get the job done.

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Why You Should Choose A Fireplace Insert

There are a few great reasons to install a fireplace insert. Many homeowners choose to install a fireplace insert instead of repairing a badly damaged firebox. This is because an insert is a self-contained firebox in itself. There are other reasons to visit the Magic Sweep showroom and peruse the large selection of fireplace inserts there.

Raise Efficiency with an Insert

Even a well-maintained fireplace and chimney system is not as efficient as a stove or insert. The traditional masonry chimney loses up to 70 percent of it’s heat. Consequently, the bigger the fire, the more heat that’s lost. A wood fireplace without tempered glass doors can waste valuable firewood and heat over a long winter. Purchasing a fireplace insert means more heat with less resources!

Switch Fuel Type with an Insert

You can easily switch fuel type by installing an insert. Magic Sweep sells gas, wood, and pellet inserts that fit seamlessly into your existing fireplace.

  • Gas inserts are the most efficient and designed to look like a traditional wood fire, but with more heat and less fuel. Many homeowners choose gas inserts. This is because they’re considered low-maintenance. Plus, most have the convenience of an on/off switch.
  • Pellet inserts are also highly efficient. They feature a hopper that feeds the fire steadily, creating consistent heat. Pellets are a manufactured product that must be bought. Like gas, it is an eco-friendly option.
  • Wood inserts are as efficient as a wood stove, but less efficient than a gas or pellet insert. These are a good option if you have a source for seasoned firewood. If you are selective of how and where you collect your firewood, they are also an eco-friendly option, creating less particulate pollution than a traditional masonry fireplace.

Update Your Fireplace with an Insert

Are you remodeling or looking for a fireplace face-lift? If so, an insert can do the trick with minimal work. A beautiful insert complements your decor and an efficient appliance. Just like an insert can help you when re-financing, remodeling, or selling. Fireplaces are the most sought-after features, and home buyers will pay more for a fireplace!

Call a Professional

Many models require installation by a certified professional in order to maintain a factory-warranty. A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) should install your fireplace insert after inspecting the chimney system for proper function. Magic Sweep technicians are trained and experienced in proper installation, and the most common insert we sell and install are our gas inserts. One of our fireplace experts can walk you through the process from show-room to living room. We measure meticulously for a perfect fit, choosing the fuel type for your specific needs, and installing the appliance and inspecting it before use.

When you’re ready to make a change by choosing a fireplace insert, call Magic Sweep at 757-523-2400 or request an appointment online. We also offer special discounts to realtors and property managers. Find out how we can help you today!