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Transform Your Fireplace With Gas Logs!

Although spring means that homeowners are finished with their fireplaces and appliances for the season. Many people take this time to reevaluate their system to upgrade their hearths or make changes. If you are thinking about upgrading or switching system, our professionals from Magic Sweep are here to help. By converting an old wood burning fireplace to a low-maintenance gas fireplace such as gas logs is something we do. We sell the best on the market, and we can help you pick out the log set that compliments your style and need.

All You Need to Know About Gas

beautiful gas logsGas is the most popular fuel source among homeowners today due to its easy installation, convenience, low maintenance, and safety. When you choose gas, you can have your fireplace installed anywhere in your home. You can convert any fireplace to gas, and you can choose a fire that matches any sized space. When you’re looking to install a gas log set, it’s important to know what you want.

  • Vent v. Vent-Free Gas Logs. The type of log set you choose will determine if it can be installed with or without a vent. A vent-free log set can be used safely indoors without a chimney or vent. This allows the freedom to install it anywhere. However, vent-free gas logs are less realistic looking than vented ones. If you’re looking to have the realistic yellow flames that dances and moves like a wood fire, you should opt for the vented gas logs.
  • Gas Fires and Condensation. Gas burns cleanly and efficiently. Today’s homes are built so tightly, that no air gets in or out. When gas is burned inside the homes, the water vapor that is produced has nowhere to go. This effect can occur with vented or vent-free gas fires. In order to avoid excess humidity, you might invest in a dehumidifier for your home.

Why Convert to Gas?

If you choose to convert your wood fireplace to gas, then gas logs are an easy option. They are easy to install and operate, and they are especially useful during this time of year when rooms can easily overheat with a furnace or wood fire. Manufacturers have perfected gas logs to look realistic, even the detailed cracks and grooves of the ceramic logs. They’re a great addition to any remodel, whether you own a home, apartment building, or rental.

Let Magic Sweep transform your fireplace with gas logs. Our techs are trained and experienced. We can help you determine which gas log set is best for you, help you choose the right capacity, location, and installation. Our experience, knowledge, and professionalism are the main reasons that we’re the #1 choice in the area, and we only choose the best products for our customers. Choose Magic Sweep for your new gas fireplace now by calling 757-523-2400 or request an appointment online.

The Convenience of Gas Logs

Whether you’re looking for a little ambiance, some extra warmth, or even making due with a worn out chimney, gas logs can add to your home in more ways than one! In fact, gas logs are growing in popularity among home and business owners. What’s the big deal? Once you find out all these products have to offer, you won’t choose anything different!

Easy Install

Depending on what type of log set you choose, you may not even need a vent/chimney. Many gas log sets are safe for indoor use without a vent. These are also perfect for bypassing chimneys in disrepair atogether. This is why it’s important to involve a professional from the beginning when you’re making a change or planning a new install. Only a professional can definitively assess the situation, measure, order, and install the right unit for you. Showrooms across the country are filled with returns that homeowners have ordered online that were inappropriate for their home, their fuel type, or didn’t fit in their space. When you choose to work with Magic Sweep, you can rest assured that the installation will be without hassle and headache.

Easy to Use

Gas logs are easy to use when you follow directions. Most light by a switch or may require the use of a match. Through the winter there may be a pilot light burning, and this can be shut off during the offseason. Gas fires are easily controlled with a remote control. When you’re ready to shut the fire down for the night, it just requires the flip of a switch of the turn of a knob. This creates freedom that doesn’t exist with a wood-burning fireplace. A gas fire can ignite and extinguish instantly, cool off quicker, and result in less accidental burns. These products are also easy to maintain. All you have to do is dust around the fireplace on a regular basis, remove debris from the area, clean the burners (logs), and check connections.

Minimal Maintenance

Despite the convenience of gas logs, they still require routine professional maintenance in order to stay efficient and safe. Homeowners should have a professional come into service gas fire appliances at least annually in which the flue and unit are cleaned, connections are checked, glass is checked, and the unit is tested. These annual appointments can prevent serious damage and injury caused by neglect.

Learn more about gas log sets and how they can benefit you. If you start now, you can have the work done this summer, and your fireplace will be ready for the first fire this fall.

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