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Add Value to Your Home with an Outdoor Fireplace

It does not matter if you’ve owned your home for a decade or a day, you can still add value by adding a fireplace. The trick is to choose the best location, top-ranked products, and professional installation for it. You can have the outdoor space of your dreams when you start your plan with our professionals.

At Magic Sweep, we sell, build, and install outdoor fireplaces to fit any space. With a new outdoor fireplace, you can be the life of the neighborhood, and you can host parties, holiday gatherings, barbecues, and more. Whether you’re looking to add a gas fireplace, a wood fireplace, or a standard firepit, Magic Sweep has it all.

Location, Location, Location!

brick outdoor fireplaceWhen you start to plan your new outdoor fireplace, you must first choose the ideal location. If you have a patio, garden, or deck, you may already know where you want the fireplace. One of our fire experts can help you determine the best place to install it, and what size and model will bring value and comfort to your space. Fire appliances, firepits, and fireplaces should be installed on a concrete and level base. It’s important to find your ideal location before you make the purchase.

Fuel Type: What is Right for You?

Many homeowners enjoy a yellow, crackling fire in an outdoor fireplace, chimenea, or firepit. This is a great option if you have access to your own wood sources, as woodfire units should only use properly seasoned wood. When you burn other debris, products, or fuel in a woodfire unit, this can cause damage to it and unsafe conditions for your guests.

Gas units are growing in popularity for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the cleanest burning fuel option for fire appliances,  and it offers freedom and convenience for homeowners. Gas fire pits and fireplaces can be installed in walls, on counters, tables, firepits, torches, and more. The possibilities are endless. When you plan your outdoor space with us,  you can count on the best products, service, and outcome.

Professional Installation, Professional Care

Even if a fireplace is outdoors, it poses a threat to your home and property if it isn’t properly installed and maintained. Your warranty may depend on professional maintenance, and your homeowner’s insurance may require it. Don’t risk your safety and comfort. Schedule your installation with our CSIA certified professionals and rest assured that your system is properly installed and ready for use.

If you reside in the Hampton Roads or Tidewater area, and you are looking to liven up the yard, garden, or patio with a new fireplace, look no further than Magic Sweep. We can help you upgrade your property for a sale or refinance. Request an appointment online or call 757-523-2400 today!

Add a Chimney Cap or Damper

Winter is the best time to have a fireplace. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a crackling fire on those cool evenings, this helps to save money on heating costs. Another plus is you get to enjoy the ambiance of a natural fire for the holidays. In order to get the most out of your fireplace and chimney all winter long, you need to take steps to prevent any issues that may arise.

Prevent Winter Damage

pretty chimney capThe worst thing that can happen to any chimney is water damage. When water invades your chimney system, it can cause lots of problems such as rust, deterioration, stains, mold, mildew, and structural issues. These can all cost lot of time and money to repair or restore. Water damages that occur during the winter is the worst, the damage happens fast and cause more severe damages.

This is due to the freeze/thaw cycle that occurs in the winter. First, a small amount of water fills a small crack or gap. As temperatures drop, the water freezes and expands. While it expands, it breaks apart the masonry. When the chimney warms up, the water thaws and moves further into the damaged masonry. This process repeats throughout the winter season, which can cause serious damage by the end of burn season to your chimney.

Protect Your Chimney With a Cap or Damper

You can protect your chimney from the top to the bottom by adding a chimney cap or top mount damper. Not only is a cap essential for preventing precipitation, wind, and debris from entering the flue, but it also keeps animals out all year-round.

  • Chimney Caps – Every flue need a cap. The metal mesh prevents small animals and debris from falling into the flue opening. It is topped with a metal roof, which helps water fall off and onto the chimney crown below. Many homeowners choose caps to match their home in style. You can find copper and stainless steel caps, which are durable and efficient.
  • Top Mount Dampers – They are often called energy saving dampers, and they are installed at the top of the chimney instead of the throat. They are more efficient than throat dampers, since they can double as a cap when open, and provide an airtight seal when closed. When the fireplace isn’t in use, the damper can be closed to save you up to three times in utility bill. Heated air and conditioned air won’t be able to escape. They also look just like a cap, and they are just as stylish and durable as a cap too!

Let Magic Sweep Handle Your Install

With help our experts at Magic Sweep, you can have a new cap or damper installed in no time, and according to code. We only install the best caps and dampers on the market, and we provide the best services to the Hampton Roads and Tidewater area. Call 757-523-2400 or request an appointment online today.