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The Areas We are Proud to Serve

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If you reside in the Tidewater area of Virginia and coastal North Carolina, we consider you lucky. Our region is steeped in historical and cultural significance, natural beauty, multiple beautiful waterways, and exhaustive options for recreation and fun. We live and work in the area, serving communities reaching from Chesapeake, Virginia to the coast, down to Shawboro, North Carolina,two chimneys on a rooftop and to the coastal city of Harbinger, North Carolina.

Like our customers, we have to have flexible schedules. During the summer months, you can find the canals and rivers peppered with kayaks, the beaches packed with umbrellas and sand blankets, and neighborhoods and homeowners fitting home maintenance where they can in their packed schedules. We offer services year-round so that we can help keep our customers safe despite their busy schedules. Our customers and our employees enjoy taking time to enjoy the magical spare where we live and work.

Coastal Towns and Communities

We have a unique opportunity here to both live in a coastal region, and also explore tourist attractions from time to time. The area we serve is filled with small, unincorporated communities that are tucked between bigger cities that attract tourists almost year-round. What do these communities have that the big cities don’t? Residential neighborhoods, vacation homes, spaces that aren’t necessarily up for grabs on Air BNB. The homeowners we serve, live and work in the area and need to depend on our team for safety and comfort. It’s important to us to offer our coastal customers exactly what they need to stay safe while burning a fire in the fireplace as well as when it’s time to batten down the hatches for hurricane season.

Coastal Chimneys

Since our service area is historical, so are many of the homes. The houses our techs go into for routine services are 100+ years old, and so are the chimneys. It is our job to make sure they continue to last, continue to work and to work well. Coastal air can be quite damaging to masonry, but we offer services such as masonry waterproofing, which can protect your masonry from water penetration year after year. We also install chimney caps that are specifically designed for this climate and to withstand high winds.

Magic Sweep Serving Coastal Virginia and North Carolina

Our customers in the Tidewater area know us and we know them. We’ve been serving the small and large communities here for over 35 years and will continue for many more. Our customers keep choosing Magic Sweep for complete satisfaction. All of our customers are guaranteed a convenient appointment time that works for them, a prompt technician who will arrive on time and not keep you waiting, the highest level of professionalism and cleanliness, and complete peace of mind.

We know it can be nerve-racking letting a stranger into your home. That’s why we don’t want to be strangers! Let’s be friends. Call Magic Sweep at 757-523-2400 to schedule services for your home or for a property you manage.