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The Enemy of Masonry Chimneys

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No matter how well or strong your chimney was built, water can wreak havoc in a minute. Masonry chimneys are made with a variety of materials, all of which are affected by a common enemy: water. Water can put your chimney out of commission, causing costly damages. These damages affect not only your chimney, but they also affect the rest of your home as well. Don’t let water bring your chimney or home down. Give the team at Magic Sweep a call to learn more about preventative measures to protect against water.

Leaky Chimneys and Your Home

masonry chimney on red roofNo matter where your home could be experiencing a leak, there is a high chance it is coming from your chimney. Many homeowners are first inclined to call a plumber or a roofer when they find a leak. However, they should actually call the chimney professionals first. Water enters your home through the chimney system, travels through walls, ceilings, and floors, pulls at the lowest point, and finally forms a leak.

When you call a general contractor or roofer, you may have the water damage repaired, but these professionals are not trained and certified chimney professionals. It takes a certified chimney sweep to diagnose chimney problems and repair chimney leak damages. Our team at Magic Sweep Corp. diagnoses leaky chimneys, can correct the problem at the source, and fix the issue.

Common Causes for Chimney Leaks

When you call a chimney professional because of a leaky chimney, the first thing we’ll check is the flashing. It’s most commonly installed improperly and even flashing that is correctly installed can become dislodged due to severe weather or animal tampering. If the leak isn’t caused from the flashing, it may be the cap is damaged or missing, the crown is cracked or otherwise damaged, or the masonry itself is spalling and allowing water to penetrate the chimney walls.

Preventing Water Damage

The best thing you can do for your chimney system is to prevent water damage. Water is the biggest enemy of the chimney. Water leaks in the chimney cause rusted parts and assemblies, deterioration of metal fixtures and components, rotting wood and ruined walls, water stains, clogs, decay, and even settlements.

The damage caused by a leak will not only affect your chimney, but your furniture, walls, ceilings, and floors, and sometimes even your personal belongings. The easiest way to prevent the cost and bother of a chimney leak and all its damage is prevention. You can prevent chimney leaks by:

  • Scheduling annual chimney inspections
  • Completing repairs in a timely manner
  • Installing flashing, caps, and crowns when necessary
  • Waterproof masonry with a water repellant

Call the Team at Magic Sweep

At Magic Sweep, our goal is safety and comfort for all of our customers. We want your chimney to work well, correctly, and for the life of your home. Your chimney will last longer when you take the preventative measures to stop leaks. We waterproof chimneys, repair masonry, install protective components, and more. Ask a chimney expert about waterproofing your chimney by calling Magic Sweep at 757-523-2400 today!