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Tired of Your Wood-Burning Fireplace? Convert to Gas!

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A wood-burning fireplace brings ambiance and warmth into your home, but it requires a lot of work and upkeep to properly maintain. Many homeowners opt for a gas fireplace because of their efficiency and convenience, and we don’t blame them. If you’re tired of wood-burning fireplaces and want to convert to gas, now is the best time.

Converting to Gas

Tired of Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Convert to Gas - Chesapeake VA - Magic Sweep With only a few weeks left before cool weather arrives, there is still time to convert from wood to gas. Magic Sweep sells gas fire products, and we can help you decide the best product for your home.

An growing and popular option is the gas log set. They are easy to light, control, and extinguish, and offer a great amount of heat. Ideally, if the chimney is in good shape, the logs can be placed in the existing fireplace and look as realistic as your wood fire. When gas logs are venting through existing chimney system, you can opt for yellow flame logs. They are more realistic and offer more heat. If your chimney is in disrepair, we can install blue flame logs which can burn safely indoors without affecting air quality.

Like gas logs, a gas insert is placed directly into the wood-burning fireplace to convert to gas. A professional takes specific measurements of the existing fireplace, and the new insert is retrofitted into the firebox. Once installed, the insert is piped up through the chimney so the fireplace burns safely and efficiently.

Whether your wood-burning fire is a stove or fireplace, you can convert to gas by installing a gas stove. A professional chimney sweep from Magic Sweep can help you pick out the perfectly-sized gas stove to match the heat output of your wood stove. They can even install a gas stove into your existing fireplace.

Benefits of Gas

The benefits of choosing gas never stop! Whether you choose a gas log set, stove, or insert, the possibility is endless. Choosing gas eliminates the need to cut, haul, and store firewood. There is also no ash to shovel, carry, and dispose of. There is less soot and creosote produced, and they require less professional service appointments.

Once Magic Sweep installs your new gas fire appliance, we can also service them for the life of your home! Give the professionals a call for your gas services and your installations today!