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Types of Inserts, and Which One is Right for You?

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Inserts can be the answer to your fireplace woes. They are easy to install, affordable, good for the environment, and beautiful! If you’re thinking about upgrading an old fireplace, or installing your first fireplace, an insert is only a phone call away. When you get started with a professional now, you can have your insert installed before Christmas!

The Best Fuel for Your Insert

Choose a gas insert if you want a more efficient heat machine. If you have a store of firewood on your property that you can cut from, you may want to go with wood. Inserts are all highly efficient and stylish, no matter what fuel they burn.

Gas Inserts – Gas is the most efficient fuel. It produces less soot, and no creosote, so it requires fewer cleanings than wood inserts. Gas appliances are also more convenient than wood, with easy on/off switches and easy temperature controls. Direct vent gas inserts don’t even require a chimney, but only a vent in a wall or ceiling. These appliances can be installed anywhere, whereas a regular insert is retrofitted directly into the existing fireplace.

Wood Inserts – Wood inserts are more efficient than a traditional open wood fireplace. They capture more of the heat from the fire and redirect it into the house and up the chimney for a more efficient burn. If you choose a wood insert, you will need a store of properly seasoned firewood, that has been cut and set aside to dry for 3-6 months. Burning green wood or other inappropriate burning materials results in flue fire, extra creosote, and a drop in efficiency. A wood insert will require your attention to light and maintain a fire.

Pellet Inserts – A pellet stove burns manufactured products called pellets. Made from organic wood byproducts, pellets are eco-friendly, burn cleanly, and burn as hot as wood. When you choose a pellet stove, you get some of the benefits of gas, but the intense and beautiful flame of a wood fire. Pellets can maintain a consistent temperature due to a hopper that feeds pellets into the fire determined by a thermostat. In addition, pellets do need to be purchased and stored.

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