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What Happens When Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged

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If you have noticed lately that it takes at least two dryer cycles to completely dry one load of clothes, you most likely have a clogged dryer vent. Can you remember the last time you had your dryer vent professionally cleaned? Just like your chimney, your dryer vent system should be cleaned by a professional technician once a year. In their blog, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) states that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported 5,100 residence fires were caused by clothes dryers with dirty vents in 2012. This number was actually a 22 percent drop from the previous year, and the CSIA wants to keep this number of fires decreasing by educating the public on the importance of annual professional dryer vent cleaning. That is why Magic Sweep would like to tell you more about what can happen when your dryer vent is dirty and clogged.

Lint is the main culprit.

What Happens When Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged - Chesapeake VA - Magic SweepWe know you have seen how much lint is produced from just one load of clothes when you clean the lint trap on your clothes dryer. Actually, there is a lot more lint in your dryer vent system that does not get cleaned out in the trap. If your dryer is in an interior room of your home, the vent can have twists and turns on its way outdoors to exhaust. In these situations, lint can easily gather in a bend in the vent and accumulate to the point where it clogs the entire vent. This blockage of lint will trap air from your dryer and become extremely hot while the dryer is running. Lint is highly flammable; the Boy Scouts of America even recommend using it to start campfires. As the temperature in the vent rises, all of the lint clogged inside could possibly ignite and start a devastating residential fire. Having your vent cleaned by our technicians from Magic Sweep will reduce this risk of an accidental fire. A clean dryer vent will also prolong the life of your dryer and decrease your utility bills.

Pay attention to how long it takes your dryer to dry a load of clothes.

When you have damp clothes at the end of a full drying cycle, you should give us a call at Magic Sweep to schedule a dryer vent cleaning. Also, watch out for your dryer being hotter than normal. A clogged vent makes your dryer overheat, and this can burn out the heating element more quickly than normal. When your dryer must work twice as hard to dry a load of clothes, it also wastes energy and costs money. We guarantee you that you will notice your dryer working more efficiently after we clean the vent. You will also see your utility bills go down as well.

If you cannot remember the last time you had your dryer vent professionally, it is time to schedule an appointment. Contact us at Magic Sweep to arrange a visit from our dryer vent technicians.